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Where is the “Obama” we elected?

President Obama is supposed to be the embodiment of the people. Diverse, well-educated, thoughtful, compassionate. I am one of the ones who was completely sucked into believing his campaign speeches.

End the wars.
Invest in America
Improve International Relations
Improve Foreign Policy

Did I misunderstand his campaign?

We have expanded the wars. We have cut investment in America. We have injured international relations. We have set horrible precedents for Foreign Policy.

With Obama’s push in Afghanistan, and his unwillingness to hand the Iraq and Afghanistan situations over to the United Nations, Obama has broken his primary campaign promise.

With the latest debt ceiling compromise Obama has broken his promise to invest in America.

With the downgrade in the American credit rating we have irrevocably damaged international relations and cost countries trillions of dollars in assets because they have believed in us.

Lastly, Obama has made some foreign policy judgements that defy logic.

In February Obama decided to take sides with the nation of Israel concerning its unlawful settlements in Palestine. This was not just a vote against a document that condemned the settlements as “anti peace”, but it was a veto against EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL.

James Wall reported : “all 14 other members of the Security Council backed the resolution, which had been endorsed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation.”

So where is the President we elected? What happened to the man and his promises. Were we just quick to believe the first kind face after being raped by George W. Bush? Was it because his opponent John McCain was altogether too similar to Bush?

I still like Obama. I still like the way he talks and acts with respect to others. But the decision-making, and damaging activities of this administration are enough to make me vote against him next election. That is something I never thought I would hear myself say. In my mind this man has gone from being the level-headed savior of our country, to another Washing tool used against us.


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