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Wall Street Casino Wins AGAIN

Standard and Poor make an announcement that everyone already knew. Downgrading the US Credit rating from AAA to AA+. The announcement has been in the making for years. This announcement was unavoidable since the commitment to two wars by the Bush administration when we were already in a financial crisis. NO SURPRISE.

So why are stocks crashing today? Wake up and smell the free drinks. Wall Street is a casino. In fact every stock market around the world is an establishment of legalized gambling.

A stock market is supposed to be an establishment based on trading company equity in relation to the value of the company. That definition expanded when more and more people invested. The more attractive companies sold for more money (lower EPS) than the unattractive or “boring” companies. Once the big money noticed the insanity of the general public’s buying habits for stocks, the began to create the stock markets we see today.

In the “betters guide” also known as the Wall Street Journal, an excuse was given for the Casino stealing 15% of the chips from the table : Downgrade Ignites a Global Selloff

The headline and story are complete bullshit. It was just that the casino’s knew that the story could be exaggerated to the point of crisis. They are so happy that Standard And Poor downgraded the US credit. It was an early Christmas present for them.

One thing you have to understand is that equities, currency, and treasuries are all like liquid in a bottle. None is truly lost or gained…..it simply switches from one owner to another.

When you see the global markets losing 15% in two weeks, you are actually seeing a shift in wealth. In this case the shift in wealth is from the small investor to the big investor. It is from the retirement funds to the banks. It is from the dumb investor (us) to the casino owners.

This shift in wealth cannot be hidden. We see it every day in record earnings for banks, record earnings for investment firms, and record earnings for the uber wealthy.

Stop thinking that this is a real crisis. Stop thinking that this is generated by a simple document downgrading the US credit. That is the thinking process of a monkey. This is “snatch and grab” by the casino called Wall Street. Its your own fault for gambling.

Itia (Abroad)

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