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Universiade Games Open : China Rises Even Higher

You will not see the opening extravaganza on CBS, NBC or ABC. You won’t hear about it on the news or even see it on the front pages of Google or Yahoo.

It is the largest Universiade ever held. A total of 306 events from 24 sports would be held, making the largest number of events in Universiade history. Some 11,901 athletes and officials from 152 delegations will participate.

This is the 26th Univsersiade. There are over 450 Americans participating in it. Never heard of it? Until I came to China, I did not either. In fact in its 26 event history, only 1 has been held in the United States. It was in Buffalo New York in 1993.

Why is the Universiade such an important event this year? It is because China has set the new standard for hosting an international games. China has set the new standard for the display of wealth and power by a developed nation. Nothing in America’s, England’s, or any other developed country’s history of hosting an international games comes close to China’s hosting of the 2011 Universiade. Just one look at the new style and technology of the new stadiums will tell you that China is building facilities that other developed nations only dream about.

This stadium showed off its great looks during the day, but at night, the technology in its design, stage lighting, display design and lighting, and exterior skin lighting really seperated it from any other venue on the planet.

China spent tens of billions of dollars upgrading Shenzhen for these games. Brand new subways that set the new standard for public transportation in the world. Painting and refacing 42 million square meters of building facades. Repairing and beautifying 280 main roads in the city. Planting millions apon millions of trees, shrubs, and flowers around the city, and last but not least, creating thousands of pieces of Universiade art and paintings that brighten the cityscape.

The Chinese are experiencing a huge wellspring of country pride from events like the Universiade. The public opinion within the country is rapidly shifting to a belief that they are indeed the greatest country on the planet.

At the same time, we in America are experiencing the opposite.

Why? Because instead of spending tens of billions each year on hosting positive events, refacing cities, and showing the world our great society…….we drop a few bombs on foreign countries.

Isn’t it time to rethink our policy?

Itia (Abroad)

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