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Rick Perry is George W. Bush V 2.0

Rick Perry for President? Are you serious?

One of the most embarrassing times in American history was the Presidency of George W. Bush. Now we want a repeat?

Put it this way. If the Presidency is the Kentucky Derby, and the governor’s mansion in Texas was a horse breeding farm, then here is a perfect analogy of Rick Perry.

In 2000 this breeding farm entered the biggest jackass ever into the 2000 Kentucky Derby. The Jackass was the biggest disappointment in this history of the race. In 2012 the same breeding farm is entering another Jackass into the Kentucky Derby. This Jackass has the same breeding heritage. This Jackass also has the same trainers, owners, and habits as the last Jackass.

Make no mistake. Rick Perry is George W. Bush Version 2.0

Same misguided thoughts about military. (Because he is funded by those who steal most of our tax dollars in military spending)

Same misguided thoughts on religion. (Knows too little about his own religion to actually claim a belief. Just a Christian because it helps his financial success.)

Same idea that American’s are stupid enough to vote for a Jackass with a smile and a Texas accent who will rape our country the same way George W. Bush did.

That last statement is still to be determined. In recent polls, the “Red Staters”, better known as the clinically insane population in America find Rick Perry to be an excellent Presidential Candidate.

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