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Rick Perry : Lord of the Rigs : Saruman Rises

In an ongoing saga of oil powered presidents and presidential candidates, Rick Perry is the Saruman of this fable.

Rick “Saruman” Perry is a close friend of George W. Bush, who we all know is Sauron, and the political beneficiary of all the tax breaks, government contracts and free Iraqi oil that flowed through Texas on its way to your car’s gas tank.

In an amazing show of arrogance, the oil barons have asked Rick Perry to run for President and rape the American people again after only four short years of trying to recover.

Dressed and talking like one of our beloved characters from the past, a western cowboy, Rick “Saruman” Perry is poised to push us deeper into war, and closer towards the Christian goal of a World War in the Middle East.

Instead of identifying the facts about this George “Sauron” Bush twin, the media and American idiots are saying “Hey look at the cowboy…hehehe, listen to his funny accent. We should make him president”.

Rick Perry is an easy target for shows like The Daily Show, but even as Jon Stewart make one joke after another about the approaching horror of a Rick Perry Presidency, the oil industry machine has its foolproof plan to get him into the Presidency.

The plan is not subtle and it only requires the participation of the foolish American public. It has already started on all the news channels. The one man in the Republican Party who is talking rationally is being censored. Ron Paul is the founder of the Tea Party belief systems and an outspoken leader on the common sense approach to governing ourselves back into being a healthy country.

How do the oil companies handle a threat like that? They silence him. Even though the polls show that Americans are seriously considering him, the news outlets are completely omitting him from mention. When he places 2nd in a political competition they do not mention his name, but they do mention the names of the 3rd place and lower participants who are the favorites of the oil companies.

What used to be a joke about Fox News is now a running joke about CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and almost every other major media outlet. See The Daily Show’s Report on the omission of Ron Paul from the media.

This is a new brand of censorship. The weak-minded Americans are being set up to follow Rick “Saruman” Perry into doom. The oil companies know that unless the idiot Americans hear the name from the mouth of the teleprompter reading robot reporters on all the news channels, that they won’t vote for them.

The rest of us with an IQ over 100 are hopeful that the magic of Jon “Gandalf” Stewart to topple the Ivory Tower of the Oil industry as they continue to dig up oily orcs and goblins against us.

Itia (Abroad)

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