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The Daily Show : Can’t keep up with Fox News

Fox news is creating too much content for The Daily Show to handle. The bullshit is flowing too quickly from the mouths of the Fox News plastic faced actors (not really journalists), for The Daily Show to keep up!

Day after day. Show after show. Jon Stewart and his team of writers take clips from Fox News and rebroadcasts them as comedic content. They have been doing this since 1999.

It has been the easiest job on the planet. Fox News is a daily editorial of a controlled media that just spouts propaganda from its corporate sponsors. Fox News is the headstone for the death of factual news and the monstrous abomination that has evolved from after the death of factual news.

All the daily show has to do is cut the clips, add a one line commentary to the news story as it was broadcast by Fox News, and it becomes hilarious.

But this is not traditional humor. Not even traditional political humor. Here is an analogy of what The Daily Show is:

Imagine you are a dedicated Muslim believer.

Now create a show that takes the Al Queda videos that promote killing, beating, slavery, and torture, cut out clips of the most insane statements from them, and rebroadcast them as part of your comedy.


Imagine you are a dedicated Christian believer.

Now create a show that takes the videos made by priests while they sexually assaulted children, cut out clips of the most horrific acts and rebroadcast them with additional content as part of your comedy show.

Fox News has become so blatantly anti-human and insane in their commentary that the humor is beginning to get hard to swallow. Yes I still laugh at The Daily Show, and yes, the writing team are geniuses…….but the humor is getting more and more sickening by the day.

In this week’s broadcasts, Stewart showed clips of Fox news calling half of America “animals” because they are not rich. It showed clips of Fox News saying that the 50% of America that owns only 2.5% of the wealth of America is being spoiled and should be made to pay more money.

I find myself laughing and then getting sick to my stomach when I listen to the morons at Fox News. Then I laugh again when Stewart states the obvious truth about horrible statements.

The Daily Show is unlike any comedy in history. The humor derived from watching The Daily Show is an experience in “horror humor” that can only be created in times of extreme insanity within a society.

This is a time in which America is falling quickly from the dream of our founders to the corporate state that is destroying us. Thank you Mr. Stewart and the rest of The Daily show for documenting everyone at Fox News during their verbal rape of our country. While they cloud the minds of Americans to allow corporations to take everything of value to us, you document it in a format that will remain a part of history that is accessable and interesting to future generations.

When all this ends, you will be remembered as an “Oskar Schindler” and Fox News will be remembered as a “Joseph Goebbels”.

Itia (Abroad)

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