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American Economy : In words everyone can understand

No one can dispute that the news media, the Federal Reserve, our Congress, and most corporate interests have been playing with words about our economy in order to confuse us.

They have been playing with everything from the stock market, to oil prices in order to keep us confused about where our economy is heading.

Let me give you some very straight forward information published today by 24/7 Wall Street.

They have a great article about states where home sales are very low. I took some basic information from that article as a way to give you some numbers that should let you know our economy is at a standstill.

The numbers are YEAR TO DATE housing starts in some of the states in the United States.

Rhode Island : 312
West Virginia : 774
Maine: 1000
Connecticut : 1403
Massachusetts : 3402
Michigan : 4250
Illinois : 4897
Ohio : 6184
Pennsylvania : 8136

and EVEN New York :11,033

Now remember…..this is housing PERMITS for the WHOLE YEAR so far!!!!

These represent an average drop in home construction of OVER 70%

So stop thinking that we have a problem with anything other than the fact that our economy has ground to a near halt. We are not building anything anymore. Give the “job creators”, that the republicans tout so much as the solution to our crisis, as much money and tax breaks as you want. They aren’t building anything anymore.

We are a “serviced based society” and an “information based economy”. The idea that tax breaks are going to get our economy going again is insane.

The truth is that we need to start caring for our own country, start rebuilding our infrastructure, and start the economic machine going again. The Republican foreign wars and oil machines are only helping a few select people in our society. It is time to change that and start acting like a country again instead of a bunch of competing companies.

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