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Republican dilemma in 2012 elections: Where do the votes come from?

When you watch the Republican Hype Machine at work this fall you should keep one very important fact in mind. It is statistically impossible for a conservative Republican to be elected in 2012.

It doesn’t matter how much press they get or how much money is behind them from the corporations that have always funded them.

The demographics of the United States have been tilted too far to the left. The Republicans are completely responsible for this statistical tilt. It is ironic that they have created the basis for their own demise. Much like a virus, they suck the life from their host until it can no longer support them.

Lets take a quick look at the United States:

Population, 2010 308,745,538
White persons not Hispanic, persons, 2010 63.7%

This is the first bad news for Republicans. As the official “white party”, their natural voting base has dropped to only 63.7%.

It gets worse for the Republicans when you look at the economic position of the American public. As the official “rich person party”, the Republicans can only hope to be in power when the economy has enough wealth being created for people to believe in Republican Economics.

Remember….the Republicans are the ones who have said that pumping money into tax breaks for the rich and corporate “job creators” is the way to build a healthy economy.

So when Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says that 50% of Americans do not pay Income taxes, he is really telling us that the Republican plan of tax breaks for the rich has created a country in which 50% of Americans are TOO POOR to pay Income Tax.

Republicans think that this is unpatriotic and un-American for someone to not have to pay income taxes. Reminds me of the famous saying “Let them eat cake”.

As usual, Jon Stewart nailed the issue factually on his program when he discuss the Republican solution to lowering national debt.

So the Palin, Perry and the rest of the rich white people really do not have a chance statistically to be elected in 2012. As much as they would like to think they have a chance, the number of rich white people in this country does not support that thinking.

When they broadcast that the people that they pushed towards poverty should “pay their fair share” towards the debt, they are only digging their grave deeper.

In truth, the only Republican that has a chance to win the White house is the one that looks so out-of-place in any picture of the candidates together. Ron Paul has a connection to the intellectuals, small business leaders, and most common people. Ron Paul is the only chance that Republicans have in winning the White House. The problem is that Republican leaders do not want him to run because they do not want him to be President.

The very reason why people like Ron Paul so much is the very reason why Republican leaders cannot stand him. He will change things in ways that takes money out of their pockets and back into the country’s pockets.

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