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Maggie Goes on a Diet : Right Book, Right Time

American mothers once again try to hide the truth. Americans are fat! Americans are out of shape! Americans are delusional! Paul Kramer has written a book that tries to help those who are suffering from bad eating and exercise decisions.

In the ABC Report about a new book being published “Maggie Goes on a Diet”, they report how mothers and PHD’s are trying to boycott the book.

“Maggie Goes on a Diet” is about a 14-year-old girl’s weight-loss journey.

The mothers in America are once again showing their willingness to push publications and education away from their children’s eyes to keep the truth about bad mothering skills from surfacing. The truth of the matter is that fat kids are coming from fat parents (bad eating and exercise habits), or from parents who do not have enough time to spend with their children (child makes their own bad decisions).

In our society it should be noted that it is not always the parents fault for not being able to be with their child all the time, but there is still a major responsibility in teaching healthy eating and exercise habits.

To give validity to these mothers, ABC can always find an American PHD who is using their title to publish non-scientific ideas. In the ABC News report a “PHD” Logan Levkoff states the concept that we need to change the way people look at each other rather than the way we treat our bodies. Where is the science in that concept? What is the logic in that assumption?


Our society is better off with fat, unhealthy people who look at each other for their personalities? We should try to undo millions of years of sexual reproductive programming and change it to a love fest of morbidly obese humans?

This is crazy. The truth is that when it comes to physical appearance, humans will always note the unusual and unhealthy. It is the basis of our desire for survival. We should work scientifically on the things we cannot change like deformities and sicknesses, and work as a society on things we can change like eating habits and exercise.

Maggie Goes on a Diet is a book that teaches truth. Friendships are easier when you are fit and healthy. Sports are fun when you are fit and healthy. People do not look at you or talk to you abusively (as much) when you are fit and healthy. This book is about the most benign way to get that point across. It is well written and well though out.

Americans are passionate people. We really care about feelings and about people having good lives. That is why it is so hard to be mad at these people who argue against this book. But their argument is stupid and baseless. Their only valid point is eating disorders that cause self starvation. But that is an unrelated issue. You cannot bury the education and tools that can help the fat kids just to keep the kids who are starving themselves from seeing them. That is simply crazy logic. They are separate issues. Books teaching healthy living styles cannot be considered the catalysts for anorexia.

Wake up America. Your fat and unhealthy. Start publishing more books about healthy living for kids. Its obvious by our 33% obesity rate that the parents are not getting the message through to the kids.

ITIA (abroad)

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