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China Cyber Attack Video : Overrated, Overhyped

Wow. Talk about paranoia! America is swimming in fear and loathing.

The latest news releases by those who know very little about Internet hacking, Denial of Service attacks, or placing trojans to watch activity on sites, tries to frighten the uneducated American about a supposed “secret plot” by Chinese to “cyber attack” our country.

Take a look at these ridiculous headlines:

video depicts China’s cyber-weaponry : Washington Post

Chinese documentary shows military university attacking U.S. targets : ZD Net

Chinese documentary depicts attack against U.S. target : SC Magazine

China airs documentary proving military university is hacking U.S. targets : Geek.com

Ready for a dose of truth?

Every country has tools for stopping the distribution of information on the Internet. Every country has software to hide and listen to conversations and scan text messages.

In our own country, our own government reads our emails, listens to our telephone calls, monitors our text messages and even grabs our personal account information from sites like google without any court order.

How The NSA Listens To Your Phone Calls

NSA warrantless surveillance controversy

US Government asked Google for user data 4,601 times.

So the next time you hear that China is “Hacking” America, or that China is “cyber Attacking” America, stop and think for just one second. Be reasonable and understand that this is an unfortunate reality in our world. China is doing nothing different from our own government in cyberspace. We have deployed cyber attacks to shut down terrorist websites, gambling websites and pornographic websites.

Governments have decided that the Internet needs to be a place that is included in espionage, and tactical warfare. How ridiculous is that? Very, but it is the world we live in. The truth is that the Internet is JUST INFORMATION. Do not believe them when they say that a Denial of Service attack or a trojan listening application is the same a gun or tank.

American News needs to stop scaring us with ghost stories. None of this is a real scare except to the people with things to hide…..like George W. Bush. hehehe

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