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Fixing American Mathematics : The New York Times Gets It WRONG!

In an article released today by The New York Times, SOL GARFUNKEL and DAVID MUMFORD tried to give an argument for improving the mathematic performance of students by diversifying the curriculum to match the life paths of the students.

Diversifying the curriculum?
Not teaching calculus to every student?
What are you thinking?

Americans are performing very poorly in global testing because we do not teach the basics of mathematics correctly. That is right….Algebra, trigonometry, and Calculus are ALL BASIC MATH.

The idea that we should omit some of these courses to better meet the “needs” of the students who will not be rocket scientists is pure foolishness.

Our colleges have long since omitted intermediate math programs so that they will have higher graduation rates among their business and psychology students. After all, it is not about the education in American schools….it is about keeping the tuition dollars rolling in year after year. The result has been the development of a nation of idiots. It has effected our economic place in this world and the caliber of our leaders.

So I refuse to accept a proposal that further dumbs down our population. Instead, LETS CHANGE THE WAY WE TEACH THESE SUBJECTS!

High school algebra, trigonometry, and calculus are boring classes teaching meaningless equations. It is time to make the classrooms of mathematics become applied classrooms. Make the equations meaningful in the teenagers life. To think that these topics are not part of your life is to think that you are an animal instead of a human.

PLEASE….change the way we teach….do not dumb down our future leaders any more than we already have.

Itia (Abroad)

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    I enjoy the data on your site. Thank you.

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