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Washington Post : Dangerously Blind

The Washington Post has a special place in American news and International politics simply because of its name and history. That is why it has become such a dangerous tool. With the crash of the newspaper industry, the Washington Post has become a sandbox for the non-objective writer.

Case in point: Mona Charen : Biden’s stunning moral obtuseness on China’s genocides

This article calls China a country of “Genocide” and goes on to imply that the “one child policy” is the worst thing imaginable.

All this article does is continue the long history of antagonism from American media (and the American government) towards China, and ignore the facts and results of the very thing they are arguing.

Historical reference that Mona should have known before publishing her trash article. 45 million people starved to death in China from 1958 to 1962. If there was ONE COUNTRY with a reason to fear overpopulation it is China.

Current environmental science Mona should have considered before she wrote her piece of crap article. The world is at the limit of population it can handle with today’s technology of agriculture and limited ability to control harvests.

We have companies like Monsanto that are trying to monopolize the industry without regard for human life or the environment. (In fact they are being thrown out of countries around the world) We have rapidly changing environmental conditions globally that are causing famines that require huge amounts of our food resources. We have a rapidly declining ocean food base that we draw from for our own food.


That is how many more people would be on our planet right now if China did not engage in population restriction through the one child policy. It is quite possible that if they did not create the one child policy, America , Japan, and China would be fighting over the last bit of fishing rights left in the Pacific Ocean RIGHT NOW.

The truth is that China bought our planet a little more time with their policy. We have a little more time to all start worrying more about planet population and sustainable resources. Thanks to India and the entire continent of Africa NOT having population control, this time is very short.

To become more educated yourself on World Overpopulation, visit WOA!

My guess is that Mona is a Christian. This is one of the three closely related religious groups (christianity, Judaism, and Islam) that all believe we should pro-create into oblivion. These are the main reasons why we are headed for this disaster of all disasters.

We should be thanking China for its One Child Policy. It has saved our own asses. Yes there have been some horrible events during the implemetation of the policy, but in a population sample of 1.3 billion you can find ANY event, horrible or fantastic, if you look hard enough. Just imagine how difficult it was to implement this policy on a population that sought only to create as many sons as possible prior to this law. This is the history of Chinese leadership. They make the hard decisions that other countries refuse to even consider. Not every decision is correct, but I thank them for this one as I cannot imagine how difficult life in 2011 would be if they had not.

As a nation we need to stop seeking the “entertainment value” of news and start seeking to print the real story…the whole story.

Itia (Abroad)

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