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Ghaddafi Family : An embarassment to Islam

Lets be blunt.

Islam is supposed to be the religion in which a lie is held in great contempt. Islam is supposed to be the religion in which a pledge is a sacred bond that will not be broken, even unto death.

If this is true then why do I hear so many “I swear” statements from the mouths of middle eastern Muslims that end up being just hot air statements? For all their talk about America being the “Great Liar”, they sure are making a great case for being equally full of shit.

Case in point: The family of Muammar Gaddafi.

Throw out all the evidence of acts of horror against humanity, theft of their country’s assets, and plans of terror against the west. Even with all that wiped away you are still left with a family of cowards and liars who embarass their religion though their actions.

Saif Al Islam (Very religious name for a lying coward) is recorded as saying “ Our family will ‘live and die in Libya’

Gaddafi’s favourite son, Saif is supposed to be a follower is Islam. He spoke for his family and made a pledge. He swore they would fight to the death for their country. Now they run to Algeria like rats. Where is their royalty? Where is there honor? Where is their commitment to their religion? They are common liars.

Here are my two questions for the Muslim world.

1) Your leaders are public evidence to the validity of your religion. How can you let them act this way without even condemning them in the afterlife? Why hasn’t the Muslim community thrown them out of the religion for their act against god?

2) Algeria: You can accept an enemy of the west, but how can you accept someone who pledged to stay and fight to the death in the country in which they are leaders? I can understand if you harbor a fighter, but now you harbor a liar and a coward. Doesn’t that make your country look evil and standing against god because you facilitate the breaking of a pledge by a public official….a swear to the ears of god?

To an atheist this all rings true. I have heard the same lines of crap, same lies, same hollow pledges from all Christians, Muslims and Jews. I don’t know why this is true, but the most blatent liars in the world come from these three groups. Ghaddafi is just another rock in the wall that keeps people from the idea of any god existing.

ITIA (Abroad)

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