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Perry : America’s Next Hurricane

To say Rick Perry is more dangerous than George W. Bush is like saying that Katrina was more dangerous than Irene. It is the understatement of the century. Rick Perry is an upcoming disaster for a United States that is still reeling from the devastation of George W. Bush.

As a self-professed good friend of George W. Bush, Perry is a horror in the making. Rick Perry is a religious nutcase that prays for rain but ignores scientific proof that his home state of Texas is suffering from the climate changes of nature. Rick Perry is a political nutcase that proposes the cecession of Texas from the U.S., then runs for President. Rick Perry is a twisted Christian in the same way David Koresh was a twisted Christian. You will see Perry during his campaign signing bibles. Really? Signing a book makes you the author , the giver of the book, or at least a contributing writer. Signing bibles is the sure way to tell if someone has a “god complex”.

Yes, everyone with a brain is terrified of Perry. We all know that if America votes Perry as President it really is a sign that we as a country are too sick mentally for any hope of recovery. We all hated Bush at the end of his Presidency. As a nation we came together and voted in Obama. Noted, Obama betrayed us by doing nothing, when he promised so much, but he is NOT a George W. Bush or a Rick Perry. These are evil men. These are men who hide behind a religion and rape our country. Bush bankrupted us. How any anyone dispute that? Bush threw us into foreign wars again. How can anyone dispute that?

We were the pinnacle of technology. We could have fought wars without sending a single soldier into harms way. Instead we send our citizens to their deaths and even worse, send them to their own insanity. They return dead inside.

Over the next year you will see article after article showing how dangerous Rick Perry is to our nation. You will hear expert after expert explain that he is a puppet and will continue the dismantling of our country that George W. Bush started.

The articles are already flowing:

Perry Makes Bush look like a liberal.

Rick Perry : Education Chief gets an F

Rick Perry Signs pledge to remove “freedom of choice”

Rick Perry will bring prayer and “creation science” back to schools (Creation science…hehehehe…what a joke)

Perry to cut Social Security. Possibly even simply taking all the money everyone paid in and making it disappear.

Homosexuality is like Alcoholism

So the history of Rick Perry shows that he should be a non-starter and laughed out of the Presidential candidate consideration by ANY party. The scary part is that he is not. He is leading in the Republican race. How can that be? How can we as a nation be that stupid? How can the leadership of the Republican Party be so smart about how dumb Americans have become?

In the 80’s we all laughed about marginal movie actor Ronald Reagan turned President because we knew he was a puppet. In the last decade we laughed about the failed businessman President George W. Bush because everyone knew his dad promised he would be a puppet. Now we have the puppet Perry.

I give up. It has been 3 generations of complete ignorance on the part of Americans in choosing a leader. The Republicans they choose are morons and puppets to dangerous people. The Democrats they choose are useless in fulfilling any of their campaign promises. I do not see any way out of this mess. We are simply going to keep making bad decisions until we get into an extremist cycle that takes us to another world war.

When I first saw the movie Idiocracy, I thought it was the worst possible scenario. Now that I see us voting for Perry, I know that there is a worse choice than President Camacho (The wrestling champion president of Idiocracy).

Perry is the pinnacle of American stupidity. The world will put the stamp “NO SIGN OF INTELLIGENCE” on all documents relating to America in the future if we elect Perry.

ITIA (Abroad)

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