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Dick Cheney Book : In My own Mind

Nothing good can be said about this American Napoleon who has done more damage to our country than any other figure in its history. This “Animal Handler” of George W. Bush is single-handedly responsible for more crimes against our country than any enemy in history. He has caused more American deaths than al Queda, and funneled more cash from our country to his personal friends corporations than we will ever know.

Now he publishes a book that makes him look like a hard-working public servant? REALLY? Try again Napoleon!

This book is a self-serving epilogue to his crimes with the distinct belief that Americans will eat this load of crap with a smile.

How can you be sure it is self-serving? What is the secret of this book that proves that he is delusional?


This book has NO apologies. Dick Cheney believed he served without any errors. The documented list of mistakes by Dick Cheney is a mile long, but lets just focus on one. Lets focus on Norad and 9/11. How about one apology that Mr. Dick Cheney did not do a good job while in charge NORAD for the months leading up to 9/11.

Even if he cannot be held accountable for the crime, it should be beyond anyones sane opinion that he made mistakes. Yet his book has none of them listed. No apologies, no acknowledgements of mistakes.

That is the key. That is the secret to his book. Dick Cheney is delusional and he wants you to share his delusion. You will find the same lack of humility, lack of servanthood, and lack of apology in all books from people like Cheney, Bush, and soon to be published Perry books.

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