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Odds on Promotion : They Do NOT Pay.

American businesses are heartless. Since the spreadsheet became a common tool in business the concept of a thoughtful and respectful business in America went out the window.

Now business decisions are made by the number that falls to the bottom of the spreadsheet. Is there a potential for increased profit? Yes? Then do it!

A great example of this is Odds on Promotion. This is a promotion payout company that did not give money to a kid because they found a way to “legally cheat him out of it”.

There is ONLY ONE WAY to change the way a business acts. You need to add another line to their spreadsheet.

In the case of Odds on Promotion, we need to help them add another line to their spreadsheet. That line should read “Lost opportunity cost”.

The way we add this line to their spreadsheet is to make sure that every company , when considering a promotion with a payout, understands that Odds on Promotion is a company that their customers will NOT LIKE as the manager of the promotional payout.

Here is why we need to spread the word.

Odds on Promotion found a way to steal $50,000 from an 11-year-old boy who successfully made a near impossible hockey shot to win the prize.

Americans will take alot of crap from corporations, but when you steal money from a kid, that is over the line. The kid made the shot…..PAY HIM.

President of Odds on Promotion : Mark Gilmartin : In a thoughtless , calculated business move, decided that he could “minimize the negative press” by giving $20,000 to the hockey association.

So instead of giving money to a kid, he gives money to an association that will give him tons of advertising for the money. It is not a gift, it is a cold, calculated business decision. The company nets $30,000 in savings and gets to write off the donation, PLUS gets notoriety for the donation.

Make him pay. Make Mark Gilmartin pay for his bad business decision. EVEN if he says that the insurance company would not pay out, an honorable man would fight the insurance company for the money. Be on the side of good instead on the side of legally acceptable fraud. Make Odds on Promotion pay.


When you see a promotion with a payout, check to see who is managing the payout. If it is Odds on Promotion, tell the manager. Tell the local newspaper that the contest is being run by a company that has a history of NOT PAYING OUT.

If you are a business that runs promotions. Call Odds on Promotions. Introduce yourself and let them know that you will not use them because they stole money from a kid.

Once they realize their mistake they will change their ways. Not because they have grown a heart, but because they have a new line in their spreadsheet.

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