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A prayer request to every god

Life is so simple. Why do people have to make it so difficult?

Here is an open prayer request to every god of every people on this planet. Prove yourself. It is not difficult to do. Prove your existence through your own followers.

Every religion has one constant. Religion brings horror to life. Religion kills, religion hates, religion separates, and religion dictates.

If there is a god (hehehe), then prove yourself by having your followers stop killing everyone. Have them stop their slavery of females. Have them stop trying to force you on everyone around them.

Jesus…..make George W. Bush and Rick Perry apologize for being such assholes. Then make America stop its endless wars.

YHWH…..make your jewish people admit that Israel is not land that belongs to anyone…..that the British gave it to the Jews because they did not want to have the headache of repatriating the Jews after WWII to their own countries.

Allah…..make your followers free their women and stop their violence against others.

Sound impossible? Yes, I agree god……it is just as impossible as your existence.

Itia (Abroad)

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