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Congress: First Cut

It is time for our country to grow up.

A mature government takes care of its people. A smart government knows that the only true power is the love and respect of its people.

The #1 responsibility of the American government is the care of, and respect for the people of the United States. Remember the saying “America First”? It seems our government has forgotten this. It seems the media has forgotten this too.

A great example of how well the “our country first” ideology works, just look at China. Many Americans foolishly believe that China depends on America. I have spoken to countless factory owners in China. Their number 1 market is CHINA!

America has been dumping money abroad and investing in other countries for so long that we forgot about out core strength. Americans are great consumers. Americans should be selling to Americans. The American government should be investing in America.

All I hear on American television and in the American press is the ideas of cutting tax benefits and cutting domestic programs. It is time to grow up. We ned to stop our spending abroad. STOP ALL INTERNATIONAL EXPENSES IMMEDIATELY! Stop all foreign aid.

Whomever decided that we should be the police of the world, and not the United Nations, is the person responsible for our downfall. It is like a CEO that goes to play golf and never comes back to work. Our government has been “playing golf” in other countries and has forgotten about our country.

Face it, our investments in other countries have been disastrous. No one can say that our foreign aid has created anything but horrible results. Brutal dictators, foreign wars, torture, murder, and economic disasters.

Here are some prime examples:

Continuing failure of foreign aid
Since 1946, the United States has given over $146 billion in humanitarian assistance to foreign countries

Over 146 billion given to Israel: We fund the occupation of Palestine. (I know some people disagree that this is an “occupation”, but anywhere that a government puts walls around towns and shuts the gates from time to time to lock people in, I consider an occupation)

Iraq war ‘worst foreign policy mistake’ in U.S. history
You measure the money wasted in Iraq in trillions, not billions. You also measure this in loss of human lives, but this article is based on finances.

Here is the bottom line. The reason why we spend so much on foreign aid and foreign wars is so that those who fund our representatives in government can steal billions. ALL foreign aid is a scheme to steal money. None of it has ever done any good. All of it goes into the pockets of wealthy , unscrupulous people.

The first cut by our Congress should not be domestic, or removal of tax benefits. 100% of all foreign cash flow needs to be stopped now. This is the “country club” money in our budget. If we cut it now, we have a balanced budget, WITH A SURPLUS.

To learn more about foreign aid, there is a great chart : United States Foreign Aid Summary Chart

Get smart. Start investing in America. We need to take care of our own and our own country first. We need to heal our current financial sickness before we can think of helping others again.

Stop all foreign cash flow now!

Itia (Abroad)

  1. Dan Macioce
    September 4, 2011 at 1:14 am

    If I understand you correctly, you believe that the people are not capable of caring for themselves or taking responsibility for their own lives? That’s why the government must be responsible for us? At what point should the government NOT intrude into the personal lives of its people?

    At some point you should take a gander at the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. You will learn there that the purpose of government is not to care for its people, but to protect the people from tyranny, and to protect their inalienable rights and basic freedoms.

    People are strong. People are resilient. They are capable of can taking care of themselves.

    Regarding our role internationally, if we believe in the principles on which this nation was founded, then we have an obligation to protect liberty throughout the world, and to oppose tyranny whenever we have an opportunity to do so.

    This is America, like it or not.

    • September 4, 2011 at 5:13 am

      Dan. Every point you mentioned is valid. But apply that to every country we now give money. They can do it too. It is our own fault for considering ourselves to be the “dominant humans” on the planet, and that everyone needs our help.

      Tyranny is a global epidemic. It is happening in your town. We set up the United Nations, which would be a great organization if it did not have the “elite security council”. Oh, and the ironic part is that most of our foriegn aid is military. Most of our foriegn aid puts tyrants into power. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, Israel, Pol Pot, and many others got their original power from US Foreign Aid!

      The real question the post implied is “when do we realize we are in trouble”? I would be against foreign aid, even if we were in better shape because of the disasterous results of our past investments. Did you read about the missing 64 billion dollars in money invested into Iraq? That is a perfect example of how we are not in control of our international cash flows.

      This IS America. I not only like it, I love it. All my American friends are hurting. Their sons are in Iraq and their cousins are unemployed. It is time to take care of our own country. I want us to rebuild. Time to be #1 again.

      Thanks for your comment.

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