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The anti-Washington

All the crazy Christians are talking about the possibility that we are living in the times of the anti-Christ. I certainly do not believe that…..but I do believe we are living in the time of the “anti-Washington”.

George Washington was a true hero and founder of our country. He sacrificed everything to give us the chance at greatness in the world. A free country. A new kind of living with equality and justice for all.

Dick Cheney is the exact opposite of George Washington. Dick Cheney has risked everything that our country stands for simply for personal gain. He is indeed the anti-Washington.

In this short video by Jon Stewart (The Daily Show), Jon goes over the insane foreign policy that costs America billions and keeps us in an endless war. This foreign policy is the brain child of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney. Secretary of Defense during first Gulf War. Advised against attacking Iraq. Said it would be a quagmire.

Dick Cheney. CEO of Halliburton.

Dick Cheney. Advised to attack Iraq the second time and made false claims to push the puppet president George W. Bush into starting the war.

Dick Cheney makes sure that Halliburton is awarded (without any competition) the exclusive rights to all logistics and private security for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have lived my whole life watching this country slide to oblivion. As I grew up my country shifted from a concentration on how to build a better America, to how steal money from Americans.

I love America. All it takes is a reversal of direction, and a focus on building and taking care of our own country, to make us great again. BELIEVE ME, we cannot call ourselves great today.

ITIA (abroad)

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