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GOP: Not participating in government

In the latest headlines, the GOP is going to skip the Obama speech on his ideas for job creation.

Jobs are the most important thing on the minds of Americans. Without exception, polls nationwide show that we are most concerned about what is happening inside our own borders…..not in the rest of the world.

So what can you say when one political party does not participate in discussions or even has the respect to listen to the President give a speech on his proposals? You call that not participating in government.

What do you call it when YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS do not participate in government? It is an embarrassment and treason against their constituents. The GOP is not part of the American Government. The GOP is an institution of tyrants seeking to gain a dictatorship within our country. They had a virtual dictatorship under George W. Bush and they bankrupted our country, destroyed our international relations, and sent a half million Americans out of the country to stand on street corners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lets summarize the GOP understanding of government.

No compromise
Belief in superiority over other humans
No apologies (even when wrong)
Belief that winning isn’t everything….its the only thing
No reliance on factual information.
Belief that governing by “gut decisions” without facts is the best way.

I don’t consider that a political party. I consider that a church or a dictatorship.

The latest news about Republicans skipping the Presidents Job speech is just more evidence on how the GOP is not a political party….it is just a bunch of bullies seeking to rule the playground.

Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh : Breaking his oath to serve
Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia: Breaking his oath to serve

Lets see how long the list grows.

Yes, this is harsh criticism, but jobs creation and rebuilding our country are too important to not attend. If the American people repeat over and over that jobs are important and you skip the policital process…..then you are fighting against our recovery, and against our country.

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