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US Christians hate Arab Christians?

Palestine is requesting United Nations recognition of its Statehood. This is a huge step towards reconciliation in the Middle East because it puts the United Nations at the heart of every issue between Palestine and Israel. This scares the crap out of Israel because when decisions can be made by a group of independent nations about the way Israel is handling things, they fear that they will be forced to act more like a normal country and less like tyrants.

You have to realize how significant a move towards compromise this is by the Palestinians. Palestine is a remnant of its former size. It is even smaller since the end of the six-day war. In fact you will not even see it on most maps as it is considered an occupied territory of Israel.. What Palestine is requesting is that the United Nations determine the borders and re-establish relations with a people cut off from the world by the walls of the Israeli occupation. If you were to visit the territories of Palestine, you would see the cities with walls and gates around them identical to the walls around Berlin after WWII.

Because America is Israels only real ally, America has to step up in defense of Israel again and oppose the statehood bid of Palestine. In an article : Gap between US, Palestinians on UN bid large, deep: official it comes down to this. America has “veto power” in the United Nations. It is going to use it against Palestine. America is essentially stating that Palestine does not even have the rights to its current remnant of its former country. We are saying that Israel has the right to occupy and eventually take it over and expel every Arab from every part of Palestine.

At face value this is an insane and immoral policy. But it goes even deeper into the realm of insanity. We are supposed to be a Christian nation….right? What you will never hear on American media is that Palestinians are about 33% Christian. In the 1948 war, over 750,000 of them were refugees. They were thrown out of their homes by the advancing Israeli army, and never allowed to return. Now they are scattered around the middle east due to the occupation of Palestine by the Israelis. What is up with that? American Christians stood by and watched a Jewish state destroy a state that is 33% Christian and we did nothing about it? Now that same state of 33% Christians is seeking statehood and we are blocking it in the name of a Jewish state?

It comes down to this basic fact. Jews are white. America is a country that promotes the health and welfare of white people worldwide. Even if you are a Christian, if your skin is not white, you are not protected by America. We see it here in the form of hate crimes and we see it in the handling of the middle east.

Think about it. When was the last time we had an “axis of evil” that was white. It was WWII. America is one nation…under white power. The “God thing” and “Christian thing” only comes into consideration if your skin is white. The fact that the Palestinian Christian’s skin is not pure white means that they are not to be protected by our country. They are first and foremost….not white.

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