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Why the Southwestern Power Outage Happened

If you work at a power facility, or have a basic knowledge of power grid networks, you know that there is a NOC. A NOC is a “Network Operating Center”.

To use layman’s terms, the NOC is a place in which every part of the grid is understood and monitored. Whern there is a power spike or a break in the line ANYWHERE, the system reports it. Now the outage that happened in the Southwest was over multiple grids. This means that we have multiple NOC’s recording the incident. Yet no one has given us ANY information on what part of the grid failed, how the failure spread, and why it took so long to get back up!

Time to call B.S.

We simply cannot accept the fact as told by the agencies any longer. Too many of us know the technology, we know systems that monitor these networks and we will not sit by and listen to these agencies lie to us like this any longer.

There are MANY people who know the real story. There must be hundreds of Network Operation Center employees that witnessed the event. They know what happened. Why aren’t they telling us? Simple. They have been told NOT TO TELL US. They have been told to keep their mouths shut. In the old days a reporter would have dug deep and found someone to leak the real story. Those days are gone. Our media doesn’t dig for answers anymore they just repeat the news that is fed to them.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we Americans have become so dumb that we buy this “We don’t know what happened. We are investigating it ” story.

We also cannot accept the new story coming out that : The outage was accidentally triggered Thursday afternoon when an electrical worker removed a piece of monitoring equipment at a power substation in southwest Arizona, officials at Phoenix-based Arizona Public Service Co. said.

Five million people in California are not effected by a single piece of “monitoring equipment” in Arizona. Give us a break. Either we have the most stupid software control engineers on the planet or this is a lie.

Want a more plausible solution. Easy. Read this article.: The Sun Blazes with Bigger Solar Flares

The flares are classified according to how powerful they are, as A, B, C, M or X, with X being the most powerful. The latest flare SDO detected was an X-class flare.

That is a much more plausible solution. Our grid is suppose to stand up against single points of failure. It is mandated by our government. It is a requirement that is checked on a daily basis. A solar flare, however, affects the grid at all points. It is much more plausible that the power outage was caused by these solar flares than by a single piece of monitoring equipment.

If it was the solar flares, then I am 100% sure that our government would censor that information. That is the sick part about our current fear of life. Our government lies to us on a daily basis and it has become so commonplace that we don’t even care anymore.

So which is it? Do we have a national power grid that can be taken out buy one guy in Arizona???? Or is there information being withheld. You decide.

ITIA (Abroad)

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