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911 : Hindsight

I am pretty harsh about the government’s reaction and the ten years following the terrorist attack on America. Part of the reason I am so harsh is because we have not been able to heal. It’s like we have been raped by someone wearing a mask. What is worse is that we all have a belief that there is information that the government has about our rape that they are not telling us. So we all feel like we are the ones who do not know the truth. We are the victims, and they will not let us get past the crime because they are not telling us the truth.

So with 10 years of consideration and contemplation….what would have been the right decisions after 9/11? Here is a compilation by activity:

Airport security: The idea that we needed to screen every person and every bag is critically stupid. That is the exact wish of the terrorists. They wished that they killed the American way of life. They did it. We are now all treated like prison inmates. The right answer was to lock the cockpit doors before departure and not allow them to be opened until after landing. The right answer was to incorporate more police dogs in the airport to sniff bombs. More cameras to monitor people, and a single file entry point to the airport gates where each person could be investigated by camera and sniffed by a dog. End of story.

Why didn’t we do it? Simple. They wanted to create jobs and they wanted to give their friends in private security corporations a boat load of money. They got what they wanted. All it cost us was our sense of freedom.

War on terror: The sad part of this is that within the first few weeks we had accomplished more than we did in the next 10 years. What needed to happen was to introduce a new form of warfare. We should have learned our lesson in Vietnam. You cannot put soldiers on street corners to guard a city. That is a suicide mission. You cannot ask your soldiers to drive vehicles down streets that make them easy targets for IED’s. Instead, use soldiers only for offensives and then retreat to secure positions. Use drones to monitor and destroy all enemy movements after each offensive. Put thousands of them in the sky. Use our technology, not our blood to wage war against al Qaeda. Use our satellite surveillance to track any mechanized movements. Attack mercilessly. Keep American soldiers safe.

Why didn’t we do it? Instead of concentrating on al Qaeda, we changed our focus to an oil nation where Bush and Cheney could make their friends money.

Domestic Security: We needed to stop “sleeper cells” from activating and performing acts of terrorism. The governments solution was to separate itself from the society. Our government began monitoring everyone, and causing fear between neighbors. The government instilled a fear of the Islamic community in America. The government supported and incubated a new form of bigotry. We should have fully engaged the American Islamic community and started increasing activities of neighborhood watches, community patrols, and increased cooperation. We could have used much more help from the Islamic community in America….but we never asked for it. We never included them in our fight.

Why didn’t it work? Because our government is a Christian government that is convinced that a future war is coming that will end the world. They are convinced that the Arab / Islamic community will be on the other side of the war against Israel. It is because of religion that we cannot ask for the help of our American Islamic Brothers and Sisters.

Hindsight has only one use. It can help us to not repeat the same mistakes. In our countries great history, we have always adapted when we found mistakes in our government, in our society, or in our belief systems. Are we still the same America? Do we have the same strength to change as our ancestors? In my opionion this generation has no chance. Our hope is in the next generation. Our hope is in the kids who never saw their parents because they grew up with their parents at war. Our hope is with the kids who watch The Daily Show and see all the idiocy in our current government. Our hope is with the kids who are not growing up slaves to a religion. That is the hope for America.

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