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Michael Jordan: NBA Speechcrimes

I have completely had it with the absolute destruction of the freedom of speech in America. In my mind it is the most beloved of all of our freedoms and it has been crushed.

Let me remind you of what the purpose of freedom of speech is all about. Speech , the very sounds that come out of our mouths, is an imperfect form of communication at best. The bulk of our understanding comes from non-verbal communication. Because it is so imperfect, on top of the fact that we are so misinformed, there is no way that it can be effectively governed or managed. That is why the freedom of speech in our country is so important.

The latest example of Micheal Jordan saying a nice comment about a player and being fined is a great example of the abuse of the freedom by our corporations and government.

Let me explain the ways it has been abused by our current form of government.


The NBA, NFL, and most other corporations and groups can fine a person or member for what comes out of their mouths.

Words spoken in anger against another race or creed can be considered a hate crime and punishable by imprisonment. (NOTE: I am against words of hatred, but they need to be punished by society, not by our justice system. Let them be shunned by their friends for their words, not be subject to imprisonment.)

Congressional and electoral:

Our country has censored some candidates while embellishing others. The idea of equal time and equal exposure no longer exists.

Our congress openly expresses the fact that they no longer listen or consider the words of those in other political parties. The idea of consensus government is over.

Speechcrimes is a major change in America. Words are now liable and criminal. Voices are now selectively silenced or broadcast by those who would sway our minds.

Military and intelligence:

Now our words (both written and spoken) are monitored by our government. They select who has stepped out of bounds when it comes to acceptable speech. They arrest and detain those in question. Thos who dared to speak an illegal word.

The punishment of Michael Jordan for kind words towards another human being is just one example of how out of control our country grown towards destroying the promise of “freedom of speech”.

Freedom of Speech. Lets bring it back to America.

Itia (abroad)

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