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Poor U.S. : The George W. Bush Legacy

According to George W. Bush, “History will judge him to be a good president, who took us through very troubled times” (National Geographic Documentary 2011)

I sorry George. It doesn’t look like you are going to get your wish.

The historians are already speaking out about what their thoughts.

61% of Historians Rate the Bush Presidency Worst

Historians Rank George W. Bush Among Worst Presidents

But even more damning than the statements of these historians is the statistical evidence of the damage of his presidency. According to the poverty levels in America, we lost a decade…..It just happens to be the decade that George Bush was president.

Poverty Levels in 2010 Reach 52-Year Peak, U.S. Says

Notable statements within these statistics is that we reached our peak of prosperity just before George W. Bush started to rape our economy. “Median household income for the bottom tenth of the income spectrum fell by 12 percent from a peak in 1999”

The percentage of Americans living below the poverty line last year, 15.1 percent. (the poverty line in 2010 for a family of four was $22,314)

That is the bottom line. George W. Bush bankrupted our country by spending all available funds internationally on projects that his friends profited from over his 8 years of being President. The results are the impoverishment of the society.

These are his legacy. Hunger. Fear. Isolation. Mistrust. Bankruptcy.

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