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China Drought : Make this the last one!

It is time for China to realize the scientific truth.

Our world is identical to a bottle. The amount of water on our planet varies VERY LITTLE. Droughts and famines are phenomenon that should be part of our history NOT part of our present and future.

The 2011 drought in Southern China is not necessary.
It didn’t have to happen. China must learn from this latest drought and realize that droughts are avoidable. We have the technology to end all droughts.

Once China realizes that a water distribution system is just as important as a highway system, then they will understand how easy this problem is to fix.

This is not something that is NEW to China.

China built a water supply system to keep Hong Kong from facing eternal drought conditions.

China also has the longest and oldest canal system in the world. The Grand Canal is over 1200 miles long and over 2000 years old.

All it takes is for the central government to decide that it is time to solve this problem forever. They can accomplish this project in under 10 years. A distribution system of water that is adaptable. A series of lakes and giant ponds that create a widely distributed network of storage locations. A web of pipelines that connects these sources.

The web of pipelines would feed rain water runoff and river water in an intelligent manner to keep all the locations well stocked.

The simple but huge project would end all famines in China that are based on lack of rain. The idea that we wait for rain, or even pray for rain like the governors in America, is for cavemen and ancestors, not for modern humans.

Come on China! Be the first country to end famine and drought. Be the first country to build a system of agriculture that is sustainable and dependable. You have shown the leadership in your latest projects of high-speed trains, modernization of your infrastructure, and buildings. Now use that same drive to build the worlds best water distribution system.

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