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Palestine’s hope of escaping Israeli subjugation

OK. I know the headline sounds extreme, but listen to the most recent news articles about the United Nations application for recognition.

Israel okays PA’s acquisition of anti-riot gear ahead of UN vote

What do you call a people, and their own leadership councils, who must request the “PERMISSION” from an occupying country to purchase protective riot gear for their police? This is SUBJUGATION

What do you call it when an occupying force closes borders for trading to the point at which they force a country into third world conditions? Israel chokes Palestinian trade, says UN study It is subjugation.

What do you call it when you literally choke the life out of a country by walling in cities, putting multiple checkpoints on every street, and conducting searches of all vehicles? You call it a punishment. You call it subjugation. It’s not slavery because Israel has no intention of letting Palestinians live. This is a slow and methodical suffocation of a society.

Economic Impact

According to the World Bank, the recession in the Palestinian economy since 2000 is “among the worst in modern history”. The restrictions on freedom of movement that Israel has imposed on Palestinians since the outbreak of the second In-tifada is the primary cause of the decline of the Palestinian economy and chronic increases in unemployment and poverty across the Occupied Territories.

I disdain the fact that my country pours money into this suffocation of a society. This is a hate crime on an epic scale. This is the scar on the nation of Israel as much as the treatment of American Indians is a scar on my country. This is a shameful as a country can act.

The request for UN membership is a brilliant move on the part of the Palestinians. It not only brings the Israel crimes to the public eye, but also forces the contracts of civilized nations in promising a world free from tyranny to apply to the Palestine occupation…..and subjugation.

Itia (abroad)

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