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Republicans : The ultimate Spin

Republicans break new grounds today on the lengths they are willing to go to spin a story in their favor. Traditionally the word “spin” meant to put a story in a positive light with a little embellishment. Today Republicans are reaching for the greatest gap in truth of all time to bend a story in their favor. Their claims of “class warefare” after just three years since the czar of class warfare left office, is a new low for the integrity of their party.

Their spin today reads “Republicans Accuse Obama of Waging ‘Class Warfare’ With Millionaire Tax Plan” led by Paul Ryan, a young and corrupt rising star for Republicans.

And in true Republican style since 9/11, they aren’t afraid to kick regular Americans when we are down:

Paul Ryan, Herman Cain Push For Tax Increases On Middle Class

To put today’s claim in context, if history had the same level of deceit, these would be the claims:

India blames Gandhi for class system.

America blames Africans for slavery.

America blames Martin Luther King for segregation.

Japan blames Hawaii for the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Republicans blame women for all sin.
(oh, that one they do believe)

The truth means very little in American politics today. The truth is buried in American news like bodies in John Wayne Gacy’s home. But for the sake of proving my argument, here it is in black and white.

During the period of the George W. Bush administration, he created the largest gap of net worth in the history of our country. He killed the middle class. He changed our country from a healthy distribution of wealth to a country of uber rich and uber poor.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America

Wealth, Income, and Power

America’s massive racial wealth gap

President Obama is the first president to serve since this damage was done to our country. He is pushing a law that is exactly what this country needs. He is supported by some of the most wealthy and respected men and women in our country. But then again, respected men and women are not the ones donating money to the Republican party.

The truth is that the pure capitalist with pure greed in their hearts are seeking to end this bill. The Republicans are reaching new lows of moral behavior to end this bill.

Am I surprised? No. Nothing after George W. Bush surprises me about Republicans. I am just once again disgusted at how my country has come under the influence of such horrible people.

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