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Google Scrutiny : Politics Without Brains

Our US government is stepping up to question Google on the use of its “Power” in the search engine industry. Our mindless Congress is going to waste its time (our time) in grilling Google to see if there is any possible violation to laws in the way Google is capturing information and giving preferential treatment to some sites over others.

The New York Times reported : Scrutinizing Google’s Reign

The answer is YES to the preferential treatment, and YES to breaking some laws. It should be noted that the laws it is probably breaking are laws that were written before the rise of the internet, and it is probably impossible to run a profitable browser company without breaking them. In other words, if Google is breaking any laws, then so is Yahoo, Ask, and Bing. The answer to the larger question is NO, our congress should not be wasting time trying to show off brains that they do not have in questioning the main business model of the internet, and NO they should not be questioning a company that is struggling to keep its market share.

So why is our ignorant Congress questioning Google? Simple….because google uses algorithms and our Congress is mathematically illiterate. OH MY GOD THEY HAVE AN ALGORITHM? THAT IS ILLEGAL ISN’T IT? OH BY THE WAY, WHAT’S AN ALGORITHM?

Here are the top three reasons why Congress needs to drop this investigation now.

1) Algorithms and preferential treatment of paying customers is the business model of all browsers and the primary business model of the Internet.

2) Google has an outstanding corporate record of doing the right thing. Their pro-American stance has cost them EVERYTHING. They refused to the same access and rights to the China government as the American government so they lost the entire China market. (Which by the way is the future of their industry)

3) The perceived “dominance” or “market monopoly” that Congress is claiming is short-sighted and massively incorrect. Google is struggling to keep its current market share of the Western markets. They have a dismal showing in the Eastern markets. They are in no way a monopoly of search engines.

BONUS REASON: Our government is the number one global entity in monitoring and suppressing information without the representation of its citizens. This is a hugely hypocritical accusation towards Google.

Our Congress has the job of rebuilding America. Leave Google alone and start building some new streets, and how about high-speed rail, and how about some solar farms and wind farms, and how about some sustainable agriculture, and how about some high-efficiency vehicles, and how about a better mass transit system in ANY of our cities.

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