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U.S. to cut humanitarian aid per Israel request

The United States is threatening Palestine with cold hard cash. Not cash in military defense or technology, but cash in the form of food for an opressed people.

The United States provides humanitarian aid to Palestinians as long as they agree to remain an occupied territory of Israel. Now that Palestine has gone to the United Nations, America is threatening to cut those funds unless Palestine stops its request.

What a thug move. To paraphrase the threatened actions by America: “If you tell the teacher about the bully beating you up every day, then I will make sure you never eat lunch again.”

Its time to get our role in Israel in perspective. We give Israel $8.5 million dollars EVERY DAY in military aid. EVERY DAY! That is 3.9 Billion dollars a year! Israel uses this money to wall in cities in Palestine, set up roadblocks on every road, and to bomb the country every once in a while as if it were a live military exercise.

The insanity is spread by our media. The Israel Street Journal (Wall Street Journal) reports : Palestinian push for statehood jeopardizes US aid

The Palestinians are at the United Nations because they have tried peace talks for over 50 years now without any success. This is a cry for help and the Wall Street Journal calls it a “push”.

The Palestinians are desperate for the international community to stop the bully that is living in their homes and the Wall Street Journal says they are “jeopardizing their US aid”.

Lets get this story right. Israel controls US foreign policy. Israel is pushing the US to stop Palestine. Israel has every intention of smothering Palestine until they can swallow it up as part of the Israel State. Israel is making America further the choke hold on the Palestinian people.

For the Wall Street Journal to report this crisis in the way they are reporting is insulting to the readers. The US is going to cut humanitarian aid to Palestine in order to pressure them politically into accepting continual beatings by Israel. This whole exercise is showing a new ugliness in American and Israeli foreign policy.

Itia (Abroad)

  1. September 29, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    its not helping their case when they commit all these acts of violence and terrorism against Israel while asking for peace. What happens when they do get their wish.they will want more..This will then turn into a war for the rest of Israel’s lands.They wont be happy until the get it all. I dont see how you can look over how Israel has given them land and tried peace but in return they get a missile in a school bus or a man walking into a school killing students all in the name of peace. Oh, not to mention all the suicide bombings in shopping malls. it might not be the palestine gov. doing this but these people themselves dont deserve what is being asked.I think the u.s. gov. might actually be doing something good for a change in this case……..sorry.

    • September 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      Christopher. Thanks for your comment. Terrorism and acts of violence are the basis for Israel’s defense of not giving the occupied lands back to Palestine. I do agree with you that BOTH the Israelis and Palestinians have a secret agenda to “someday” control the whole land of Caanan. I also agree that suicide bombings are a shock to our culture and sense of humanity.

      I disagree that acts of extreemism are not to be expected when you invade and occupy a foreign country. I always look inwards to how we Americans would react to an occupation of part or all of our country. I know for a fact that we would be terrorists with even more destrictive results, and if the guy dies while creating the damage, we would call him a hero.

      To make what Palestine is doing as a reason for not giving them their country back is not logical. To hold them accountable for the actions of their citizens once they are back in control of their own country is logical.

      In the past 44 years, Israel has killed 100 Palestinians for every Jew killed. Every time the Palestinians try to win back their freedom, Israel responds with the “shock and awe” destruction of Palestine. The bottom line is that if the nations of the world do not force Israel to give back Palestine….they never will.

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