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SECRET: Why Congress is Beating Up Google

Its time to put 2 and 2 together. It has become obvious why Congress is picking on Google. A news release today gives light to why Congress, who has until now given Google free rein, has chosen to put the screws to them.

Google Wallet opens for business, Visa gets on board

To put it simply: We all know that our Congress is made up entirely of individuals who are slaves to their special interest PAC’s. The strongest PAC’s with the most power are the banking PAC’s. Now obviously, the most influential PAC’s are not the simple associations with registered PAC’s. The strongest banking PAC is made up of the same bankers who make up the Federal Reserve. Now that Google is stepping into the same business that earns the Federal Reserve bankers the MOST money, the FED has forced its Congressional puppets to try to stop Google.

Since the citizens of our country have demanded changes in the overdraft fees and the way credit card billing overcharges customers, banks are looking to replace the soon to be lost revenue source. Current bank plans include : Banks Shift From Overdraft Fees to Payday Loan Type Products : But this will not have the volume that the credit card interest fees and overdraft fees produced so the need another revenue stream. Google Wallet is the fat cow that they are dreaming about now and they are trying to steal it from Google using their most powerful tool….Congress.

Here is what to look for in the near future:

1) Antitrust claims against Google. Laughable since they are not dominant in any monopolistic way.

2) Forced divestiture of certain business segments in order to keep Google executives out of jail.

3) The spinoff of the Google Wallet business to a new consortium of bankers.

Why is this an obvious play on Google Wallet? Take a look at how long it took for Visa to agree to being a part of the platform! Google has used its strength to negotiate great agreements with the wireless companies and it can handle the transactions itself. This takes the profit away from the bankers!

Until now, I thought that our Congress was simply stupid in bringing Google before a Congressional hearing and threatening antitrust violations. Now I understand that it is a play by bankers to steal the Google Wallet platform from Google.

During the Presidency of George W. Bush, these same bankers are responsible for deregulating the Credit Default Swap industry.

The abuse of Google is a testament to the power of the international bankers in America. The fact that they are brazen enough to pull this stunt so quickly after the trillion-dollar losses from bank laws During the Bush Administration is proof of two facts. 1) Congress is completely obedient to the wishes of the international bankers. 2) The American public is too stupid to know when we are being robbed.

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