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Obama’s Long Passionate Kiss of Israel’s Butt.

In the United Nations today, our president completed a completed his final turn of three dismal 180 changes in policy from the time of his presidential campaign to today.

In his campaign Obama has said “Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories are “not helpful.”

FIRST 180 degree policy shift

In 2009 before the general assembly : Mr. Obama was forced to publicly abandon his call for a full freeze of settlements in the West Bank, after meeting immovable resistance from Israel.

SECOND 180 degree policy shift

In 2010 Obama urges world leaders at the UN general assembly to get behind Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

THIRD and most painful 180 degree policy shift

Today, in the very same place, one year ago, he pleaded for the United Nations to “get involved” in the Palestine crisis, Mr. Obama personally put a halt to the United Nations progress.

Obama Says ‘No Shortcut’ to Palestinian Statehood

No Shortcut? Really? Twenty years of direct negotiations before coming to the United Nations IS A SHORTCUT? How insane is that statement? It can only be taken as a long and passionate kiss of Israel’s butt. How embarrassing to see an American president be such a puppet of a foreign state?

In response to the lengthy butt kissing session of Israel by Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Obama today that his opposition to United Nations recognition of Palestinian statehood deserves a “badge of honor” for standing up for the Jewish state in his speech Wednesday before the United Nations.

The only thing we can be sure of is that the butt kissing was not a “french kiss”. An hour after our President’s insane speech, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy brought a sane and logical solution to the table. Admit Palestine as a “non-member” state.

The brilliance of Zarkozy’s plan is that if Palestine is a “non-member state” it takes the power away from the United States to VETO their statehood. Once they are a “non-member state” the general assembly can vote them into full membership and Obama and Israel can do nothing about it!

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