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Republicans Blinding People: Literally

A am admittedly against the conservatives of the Republican party. Their rhetoric of “job creators” and “class warfare” lately are hurtful to our country. We are all Americans. Titles and status should not become part of politics. In last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked some very basic questions of one of the most honorable and open-minded Republicans, Mitch Daniels The result was an on point catch of a Republican using hateful and dividing words right after he accused Democrats of doing it. It was done in a respectful way and it was not entrapment, but the result was dead on.

The Republican’s are the self-appointed “elite” of America. They make decisions that damage millions of lives without remorse, sorrow, or second thoughts. Their idea of democracy is doing it their way…no America…just Republicans.

Today the world showed how it is getting around the Republican hate machine. People will start to see (LITERALLY) the damage caused by the Republicans in the last 20 years. No I am not talking about the wars that have crippled our youth. No I am not talking about the banking theft that has crippled our middle class. I am talking about the religious insanity of the Republicans that has crippled the chances of people getting their eyesight back for a very long time now.

Today an AMERICAN company is doing stem cell tests on patients in ENGLAND. This test is to inject stem cells into the eyes of partially blind people to restore eyesight. To regain your eyesight is one of the most wonderful events in life that I could imagine. Republicans have kept it out of America and have slowed down world development of this miracle for over a decade now. That is 10 years in blindness that people did not need to suffer. That is 10 more years of misery that millions of people who have suffered waiting for relief of dozens of illnesses that stem cells can cure, that the Republican Party of America can single-handedly take credit for blocking.

Advanced Cell Technology, an American biotech firm, announced yesterday that watchdogs have given it permission to carry out a trial at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital.

That’s right American high-tech company with great paying jobs that was forced to employ people in England rather than the United States.
Job creators? This is proof that the Republicans are job destroyers. Maybe that is why they have Pizza store owners and Subway sandwich store owners running for President. They are the only jobs that Republicans want Americans to have.

Republicans…..keeping people blind….literally.

Itia (Abroad)

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