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Obama’s new Israel Lesson: They don’t have your back

Its called an epiphany. When you come to realize that a belief is completely incorrect. When you realize that all your logic was based on false beliefs and misconceptions.

Welcome Mr. Obama to your epiphany on Israel. You stepped further than any president in history to put America’s hand of protection over the “bully state” known as Israel. Not only did you get our hand slapped, but you also got slapped personally. In all your efforts to back someone who you called a “friend”, it only took one reporter to ask the right question to find out that they don’t have your back.

The question was, ” Mr. Netanyahu, do you disagree with the comments from Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who last week referred to Obama’s policy toward Israel as “naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous,”

This is a direct slam against Obama’s defense of Israel. Perry leveled it against Obama in his hope to with his personal jackpot in 2012 , the US Presidency. What was Netanyahu’s response? “No comment”. Really? Obama stood before the world. He stood before a crowd that supports the Palestine admittance into the U.N. and said he would personally stop them. But when he needs you words of support…..you say nothing. How typical for Israel to betray those who stand up for them.

It has only been 4 days since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Obama today that his opposition to United Nations recognition of Palestinian statehood is “a badge of honor.” Just one weekend since his praise has turned into abandonment of President Obama.

Lesson to be learned Mr. President. Israeli concern is only for Israeli’s. You do not count. You are only a puppet in their eyes. They proved this today. The only question that remains is …..will you have your epiphany? Will you wake up from this dream of yours that Israel gives a damn about our country?

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