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Shenzhen Subway System : The world’s best

One of the things that really caught me by surprise when I came to China was the mass transit system of Shenzhen.

In a country that is depicted as a 2nd tier country (not quite an equal to America and yet not 3rd world), I was blown away immediately when I arrived in the country. Everything I was told was wrong. The stores are stocked with products. Most of them are the same cost, if not more expensive, than in the United States. All the cars are like new you see Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, Porsches, and other exotic cars is ten times as often as in Los Angeles. The streets are packed with them.

I will have many stories about China to come, but this one is about the Shenzhen subway system. It is amazing. Ultra clean, with the newest technology, bright lights, smooth ride, and lots of employees to help with any possible problem or issue. Every car has a working webcam so everyone remains orderly. The seats are clean and there is not a single item on any of the trains that is vandalized.

Here is the most amazing part: Tickets range from $0.60 (4 rmb)to $1.45 (9 rmb) to get to all parts of Shenzhen!

Here is the map of the subway system….

Metro map

The lines are separated by numbers / colors so they are easy to remember. The stops are all listed in Chinese and in English so you can see where you are going, even if you do not speak the language.

shenzhen subway ticket buying

The ticket buying kiosks are located outside of the entry points. You can buy a single ticket or you can buy a cash card (pass). The single tickets are actually little ceramic coins. When you enter you put the coin in the circle at the entrance gate and it opens for you.

When you get off the train, you simply put the ceramic (single ride pass) into the coin slot at the exit gate and the gate will open. (you do not get to keep it)

If you are going to be in Shenzhen for a month or more, then buy the pass. It is $15, but you get about $12 in immediate credit for rides and your fee is discounted by about 10%. They are rechargeable at any service counter. The service counters are in every station. Most stations have more than one. Just walk up and show them 100 rmb. They will give you a card and you are on your way.

NOTE: Always look for the green circle on the gates that show you can enter that way. Red X means find another gate.

You usually have to go down an escalator to get to the trains. Be sure to check the signs at the escalators to make sure you are going to the platform with the right train direction. They are easy to read.

When you get down the escalator you can double-check the stops to make sure it is going the right direction. The list of stops that this train will go to are above every entrance door.

Also at the platform is the LCD display overhead that tells you how long until the next train.

The trains are all very long and there are many benches. If you go during off peak hours (ouside of 7-10am and 4-7pm) you will probably get a set. If not, there is plenty of standing room. Only once in a great while will you get to a train that is fully loaded.

Once you are on the train there are tv’s everywhere that play ads and short films. There is also a digital sign above every doorway that shows the current stop, past stop and next stop. (All stops are also announced)

If you are bored, you can study the system map that is posted on one out of every two doors on the train.

At every stop there is some sort of additional public transportation to take you to you final destination. There are more busses than you can count, and there are taxis everywhere.

This is the most modern, clean, and customer friendly subway in the world. If you come to Shenzhen and don’t try it out to get to one place or another, you are making a mistake.

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