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United Nations Clarity on Israel

With the United States President trying to drown out the sounds of everyone who approves of Palestine’s entry into the United Nations, it took another obvious move by Israel to end any and all argument to the fact that Palestine needs the help of the United Nations.

Israel gave final, written approval to build more Israeli homes inside of Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says it is business as usual, and he is right. Home settlements are nothing new to Israel, but the new approval brings back to light the true intentions of Israel…the permanent settlement and colonization of Palestine.

Here is what every member of the United Nations should realize as the terms of insurgence into another country:

1) Attack / War: The movement of troops and military equipment into another country for one of a multitude of reasons.

2) Occupation: The decision to keep military personnel and equipment in another country in order to achieve a goal of stability or peace after a war is over. This is how America is acting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

3) Colonization: Moving civilian permanent residences and granting ownership of property in a foreign country. This is how Israel acts in Palestine and how China acts in Tibet. These are permanent acquisitions….the conquering country now considers them as part of their country.

In the case of Tibet, China has incorporated all of the Chinese citizenship rights and privileges on the Tibetans. The government has been expanded to include Tibet as a part of the China governing process.

In the case of Palestine, Israel has enslaved them, blocked all commerce and walled in their cities. This is an ancient , barbaric form of colonization that the Jews learned thousands of years ago in their time in Egypt. Palestinians are not Israeli citizens, they are, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls them “crocodiles”. (His direct quote in the Jewish news outlet called Haaretz) When a people are colonized by a foreign country and considered animals, and not human, this is slavery at its worst.

The world leaders, to their credit, are reacting against Israel and its new revelation of a not-so-hidden agenda.

US, EU condemn Israel settlement plan

Colombia wants Israel to call off controversial housing plans

White House “deeply disappointed:” new Israeli housing in East Jerusalem

US blasts ‘counterproductive’ Israeli settlements

In addition to the proof of enslavement and colonization of Palestine, the history of the “peace process” also proves that Israel has no intention of ever giving one square mile of Palestine back. It has been over 20 years. You cannot call it a “negotiation” or “peace process” if it has gone on for 20 years. All the time, money and energy we Americans have spent on trying to solve the Israel / Palestine problem was a waste. Israel has dragged “stupid America” along this road for over two decades. Sure they will sit at a table and talk. Sure they will draft documents of words, but that is all they are….words.

The United Nations must realize that Israel will never act. There is no peace process. They have internally claimed all of Palestine as their own and they will not give it back. Not until they stand alone, without a single supportive ally country, will they agree to give up their claim. Right now they are laughing behind our backs and flipping the finger at all of those who know the true heart and spirit of Israel.

Israel loves Israel. They will not support, partner, serve, or help any other country in any way, form or fashion. They see us all as non-human in the strictest sense of the word.

America will learn. We take repeated slaps in the face but still claim our love. Even today, Obama, after being politically slapped in the face a couple days ago by Netanyahu, sends a holiday wishes video message to Israel. We will learn eventually, but I am certain it will not happen with Obama.

My hope is that the rest of the world has learned and will approve the Palestinian request for membership. This will not solve the Palestinian plight, but it will at least, and finally, put Israel in the proper criminal light to the world.

Itia (Abroad)

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