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Bank of America : US Corporations OUT OF CONTROL

This become a textbook example of how US Corporations have become monsters within the United States that create bad government and poverty.

Today Bank of America announced it will start charging $5 per customer , per month for the use of their debit cards.

This may sound trivial, but you need to understand the mechanics of this decision and why it is the clearest, and simplest example of how wrong corporations are in our society.

This story begins in 2009 when Congress finally steps up to protect the US consumer against the big American banks. Everyone has known for years that banks rape customers with fees. The old days of banking are gone. The idea that a customer who puts money in is giving the bank an opportunity to make money from that deposit is gone. In fact the fees have gotten to the point of insanity and that is why the Congress finally stepped in.

The small and medium-sized banks were charging customers $26 per month on average for the privilege of giving the bank money so no bank can be free from blame. But it is the big banks like Bank of America that stood out with an average of almost $35 per month per customer in fees.

So Congress acted to limit the amounts the banks could collect with each transaction. They limited the amount of consumer rape the banks could commit at one time , to one consumer.

Did the banks get the message? Did the banks understand that they were wrong in the way they treat the US consumer? Did they show an ounce of humanity in living with a decision by the US Government? No. They don’t care about the wishes of the US people OR the US Government. They will rape us to their heart’s content. They proved this today by adding a $5 fee to EVERY debit card holder for each month they have the privilege of owning a debit card. This fee is on top of all the other fees they charge for ATM withdrawals and transactions.

Even our Judicial system has made rulings in favor of consumers who have been criminally wronged by banks and transaction fees. Judge in Bank Overdraft Fees Case Rules in Favor of Plaintiffs

Here is the bottom line. Banks and any other corporation can simply ignore our government and our society. They can do whatever they want to maximize returns. It is a virus on our society. A disease that has already changed our country permanently….and for the worse. Banks were projected to drop from over $20 billion in fees to just below $15 billion in fees.

Bank of America is out of control. They are abusing us and ignoring our system of government. This has to stop.

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