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Google in Asia : Too late….to little.

In what will become one of the greatest documented lost business opportunities in Internet history, Google will be known as the search engine that had it all, bet everything on the English-speaking countries being dominant forever, and lost it all.

Google took over the Internet search engine business in the year 2000.
They were now the top search engine on the planet.

In 2006 Google received a subpoena for user information from the US Government. They resisted for almost a year, but eventually handed over the information.

China made the identical demand, but Google did not comply with their request. Google did censor some searches so that they would not be permanently blocked from China business, but in their decision to not provide user data to the Chinese Government, as they had with the US Government, they showed themselves to be a US company and not a “Global Company”. (In their defense, even if they did want to comply, the US Government would not have allowed it.)

As a result, the birth and rapid growth of Baidu occurred. Now China is becoming so important that this decision and forced path taken by Google, may have cost them the future of the Internet Search business.

American’s don’t even know about Baidu.com, but if you look at the search engine market by market share, you will see that Baidu is in 3rd place and is about to overtake Yahoo.

This trend is going to continue until the day when more searches are done in Chinese than in English, and Baidu has a greater market share than Google.. Google has decided to invest 200 million USD to build a giant data center in Asia, but that does not help repair what has already taken place. Google, by its own decision to treat the Chinese Government as a lesser entity than the US Government has sealed its fate. The fact that our own Government here in the United States may have forced them to make this decision for reasons of “national security” only makes this story sadder.

Google is a great company. They made an irreversible mistake that will soon cost them the number one spot. The irony of the whole situation is that government that started this trend is now questioning Google about antitrust charges at the same time that Google is losing its dominance.

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