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China Currency Control : Not Letting Wall Street Crash Their Money

All of my life I have lived with the fact that Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Banks, and International Bankers have played the US Dollar like a horse race. The bets and the odds are stated daily, the very wealthy place their bets for fun while the middle class and poor put down a few dollars hoping to change their life.

It is a sickening sight. Just like a casino….the house always wins.

Wall Street and American Banks are not about value, sustained growth, or any interest in the improvement of our society. They are about instant profit. They are built to find weaknesses in us, then capitalize on that weakness. It is like a comic book story. When they see an effort that is based on humanity, they look for ways to capitalize. Just like superman who would seek to save a human life while the bad guys would rob the bank. This is the picture of our monitary policy and banking business.

We are the last country on the planet that should accuse anyone of currency manipulation. We invented it.

So I was again angered by our government actions when Congress announced it was seeking to establish sanctions against China for currency manipulation.

The Senate is expected to vote on anti-China trade legislation on Monday, with the bill likely to pass with overwhelming bipartisan support, before being sent to the House of Representatives.

YOU MORONS! In the past 3 years, the Chinese have given up 25% of their currency value because of the financial disasters that American bankers have created by currency and stock manipulation.

This means that a a widget that they sold in 2008 to the US for $20, is now ONLY GETTING $15 in 2011.

How could our leadership be so stupid to think that the problem and blame lies anywhere but at our own feet? You arrogant little children. Time to grow up and accept responsiblity.

As for China. Congratulations on not allowing Wall Street control your currency. You have seen the devistation in America and have kept the American bankers out of your currency. But beware….JP Morgan is expanding operations in your country and looking for any way possible to suck the life from your currency as they have done to ours.

J.P. Morgan established the locally incorporated bank – J.P. Morgan Chase Bank (China) Company Limited.
In the same year, J.P. Morgan received the CSRC’s approval to enter into a joint venture futures company – J.P. Morgan Futures Company Limited
J.P. Morgan entitled to underwrite Chinese treasury bonds.
J.P. Morgan opened branches in Guangzhou and Chengdu.
In the same year, J.P. Morgan established a commodities wholly owned foreign enterprise in Shanghai – J.P. Morgan (China) Commodities Corporation.

J.P. Morgan established a venture capital firm in Beijing – J.P. Morgan (China) Venture Capital Investment Company Limited.
J.P. Morgan established a securities joint venture, J.P. Morgan First Capital Securities Company Limited, in Beijing with First Capital Securi­ties Company Limited.

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