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CIA damaging our last honable institutions

America has many new ugly titles.

It is the center for fraudulent banking, the world’s catalyst for wars, the home of corporate-owned politicians, and the playbook on how to destroy a culture with controlled media.

One of our few honorable titles is the country with a great group of organizations that provide quality international aid. Here are just a few of our great PRIVATE institutions.

Habitat for Humanity
Doctors without Borders
Amnesty International
Save the Children

Now the CIA has been caught using these institutions to plant spies and run covert operations.

Doctor accused of helping CIA find Osama bin Laden should be charged with high treason, says Pakistani state commission

I am happy we finally located Osama Bin Laden. I would much rather have seen him on trial so that we could get the truth from his lips about working with George W. Bush, but I will settle for his death.

The problem here is that the CIA is using our PRIVATE charity organizations for its own purposes. Our Charity organizations are a necessity because our government is too corrupt to handle any charity work on our behalf. Does our government really need to damage the good names of our charities?

The answer is quite simple. KEEP YOUR DIRTY HANDS OUT OF OUR CHARITIES. Keep government out of one of the last good things our country. Why do you feel it is necessary to damage what we have created outside of our corrupt government’s influence? Can’t we even be allowed to do good on our own without you coming in and making it into an evil and corrupt thing?

Our government has lost its mind and its morals. The CIA has always been a horrible institution with a long history of “un-American” activities. The fact that they are now slapping the faces of our PRIVATE charity organizations is just another stain on their already blood soaked clothes.

Finally and most disturbing to me is the fact that this operation was monitored and approved by President Obama. I am sickened that our President of change is now the president who approves CIA covert operations using our PRIVATE charities. He is now screwing up on the same level as Bush. He has moved into the major league of bad presidents.

Itia (abroad)

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