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Cancer Screenings: The “up sale” of the doctor visit

The only difference between visiting the car dealership for an oil change and visiting a doctor for a checkup is the item being examined.

Before you go to your doctor next time, remember, he is a FOR PROFIT business that is seeking to maximize the revenue from your visit.

In the news today it was reported that a Probe Finds Vast Overuse of Routine Cancer Screenings. This is exactly what you should expect when going to the doctor. You are asked to provide fluids so that they can try to find extra sources of revenue.

Just like when the dealership “inspects” your transmission fluid. 90% of the time they show you a dirty fluid that they say should be changed. If you have ever paid the $100 for them to change it, you will notice when you go back the next month to change your oil, they will tell you your transmission fluid is “dirty” again. It is all about up selling.

The doctor’s office is just like the oil change place. If all they do is oil changes, they go out of business. If all he does is checkups, the doctor will go out of business. The cancer screening is a way for him to up sell you.

The insane thing is that the two sales processes are so much alike, you almost forget that it is a human body that they are wanting to do invasive surgery on in order to make a few extra bucks. This is the inherent evil in the FOR PROFIT medical system. It the natural trend towards unnecessary tests, unnecessary procedures, unnecessary pain, and damage of lives in the name of profit.

The other truth is that MOST OF US OVER 40 YEARS OLD HAVE CANCER! It’s not a cancer that you will die from. It is not even a cancer that will shorten your life or affect your life negatively in any way. But if the doctor finds it….watch out. First is the screening test…..then the biopsy….then the “we should remove that just to be safe”.

Yes there are some wonderful treatments to stop aggressive cancers that do kill people. The horrible thing about our system is that it is clogged with unnecessary procedures to make money because people are so afraid of the types of cancers that do kill us.

This is a truth that America will NEVER learn. This is a truth that will continue to cause pain physically and financially for Americans for the foreseeable future.

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