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Sanity Test for Americans (Two Questions)

Here is a short two question quiz to determine if you are a sane, logical American, or an insane irrational American.

1) Take a look at the following picture of US Marines over 10 years after the attack on the World Trade Center, pissing on the dead bodies of foreigners.

Think about what is appalling about this picture.

2) Read the following words:

Evil Axis

What group of people do you think of when you read these words.


Insane answers : 1) How could someone urinate on a dead body? 2) Muslims, North Koreans, Iranians, Iraqis, Egyptians.

Sane answers : 1) Why are US marines killing people in foreign countries when we haven’t had any acts of war against our county in 10 years? 2) Every nationality, socio-economic strata, and belief system is capable of acts of terror, brutality, horror, and cowardice.

If you answered the questions in an insane manner, then it is very likely that you are an American Christian.


If you are an American Christian, in the first question, you believe that it is ok to kill. You place more value in proper burial and handling of the dead than you do on life. This is because you are taught that we are all evil and that the only good thing about our lives happens after we die.

In the second question, you believe in the “end times”. It has been marketed to you by your church since before you could walk. Your sworn enemy is everyone who does not believe in Jesus. You are even ok with them burning for eternity in a lake of fire. That is why you can prejudicely assign demeaning words to groups of people who are not Christians.

Any questions? Go to : http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ There you will find the reasons behind the lies you are being told and possibly….just possibly, find the cure for your insanity.

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