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Colbert and Stewart Beat the GOP AGAIN!


Every time the GOP tries to stop Stephen Colbert from exposing their horrible platforms and core beliefs, somehow Colbert seems to find an effective and humorous way to beat them.

In the latest installment of the “Stephen Colbert Runs For President” experiment, the GOP attempted to block him from running, but Colbert found away around their blockade.

The mainstream Republican news media was all grins after Colbert Announced he was considering running and gave his Super PAC to Jon Stewart. But it was Colbert who had the last laugh.

The blockade the Republicans had to a late candidate who could make up for the mostly weak field of candidates was to lock in candidates names for the 2012 primary elections in late 2011. This attempt to force Republican voters to vote for a weak candidate even goes as far as taking away the capability to write in a candidates name. This gives a whole new level of hypocrisy to “every vote counts in the republican primary”.

How did Stephen beat them? By using their own game against them. The lock of the ballot by the Republican committee of South Carolina was used against them. They locked in nominees that were no longer running for President. Colbert simply told his supporters to vote for Herman Cain, who is no longer in the race. Brilliant answer to the democracy smothering Republican Party.

Here is his announcement describing this solution:

But wait! As we all know, the Republican Party has no boundaries of law or logic when it comes to getting their way. Remember the Iowa Primaries? Remember the “Parry with an A-gate”?

In that case the GOP simply refused to publicize results of the write in campaign launched by Stephen Colbert. My guess is that unless the national news channels demand to know the number of votes given to Herman Cain, then there is 0% chance that the GOP will release them.

This is going to be very interesting. The national news channels have already picked up the story.

CBS has already pickup up the activities of the Super PAC for Stephen Colbert


USA today has already published Stephen Colbert’s plan to use Herman Cain’s name because of the lack of a write in vote.

Even the Republican puppet news station Fox News has picked up the story.

Stephen Colbert has three advantages in South Carolina that will definitely come into play.

1) He is a native of South Carolina. He is loved there.
2) He has huge blocks of television airtime to push his message.
3) The primary in South Carolina allows any citizen of South Carolina to vote. This means that a huge stream of college kids could come in an skew the vote. Maybe even to win it.

If you check Wikipedia for the 2008 primaries, John McCain won it with only 147,733 votes.

So has Stephen Colbert reached political satire Nirvana? Will he get a large mass of people to vote for him this Saturday? Will the GOP release the number of votes for Herman Cain?

This is going to be interesting.

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