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Republicans can’t even count their own votes!

We all remember the second term election of George W. Bush and the way the GOP stole the election from Al Gore. With 500,000+ more votes Al Gore still lost the election.

In addition to the low vote count for Bush, the Republicans also committed vote fraud in Ohio and Florida to turn those two states to Bush. The election was stolen. Only Republicans still dispute that fact.

There was so much irony in the election as it was the first election of the new millennium, the first president to be in power during our subsequent decline as a country, the first president to sit in power during our push to become a 100% finance and military state with no manufacturing.

That was by far the biggest step towards our own downfall that we have made as a country. Allowing the Republicans to steal that election.

Now fast forward to today’s news headlines about the Iowa Caucus. In the Repubican effort to get their candidate in place, they have officially changed the votes from a caucus to announce their preferred candidate as the winner.

Nearly two weeks after the caucus they announced that Santorum was the winner and not Romney. This smells of the same vote fixing as the 2000 presidential election.

Seriously……The Iowa Caucus DIDN’T EVEN HAVE 100,000 VOTES!!!

The certified numbers are as follows: Rick Santorum ended up with 29,839 votes — 168 fewer than the 30,007 he had on caucus night. Romney ended up with 29,805 votes — 210 fewer than the 30,015 initially posted after the balloting.

But wait! The Republicans are not done yet! There are still 8 precincts that have not turned in any paperwork. So there is officially NO winner until the GOP decides to pick their own winner.

The final effect? The GOP has officially done away with the need for voting. You can vote if you want, but your vote doesn’t matter. They will make up the numbers to meet their needs. This is a 10+ year legacy of the Republican Party vote fraud, and there is no end in sight.

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