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F.A.Q. The truth about the capitalist’s life.

Want to know the FAQ about you?

Here is your answers to your own American FAQ: (Fail, Accept, Quit)

You are in a race you cannot win. There is no finish line, only requests to run faster and hints that the finish line is just around the corner. You are not competing against others, you are competing against the casino that operates this game.

No one can run forever without tripping. Time is against you. In the life of capitalism , a trip requires you to go back to the starting line. It requires you to give up everything you value and all of your net worth.

In America the most common trips are :

1) Belief in an investment adviser, or accountant.
2) Ignorance of an IRS law on taxes or business law.
3) Overconfidence in an opportunity where you bet too much.
4) Age (everyone eventually gets sick).

I have had too many friends trip on each one of these traps in the game of capitalism. These are all trips that will cause you to lose everything. Those who avoid overspending, addictions, trust in a marriage, or even falling into a religious cult, are all still capable of tripping on laws, trusted professionals, opportunities that vaporize or eventual sickness.

When too many enjoy a success without falling into these traps, then the whole game is changed. This is the root reason why so many are so angry with the richest of the rich in this world. It is becoming common knowledge that there is too much power, too much greed and too much corruption in the wealthiest of human beings. But what can be done about it? NOTHING. You cannot change a thing.

Here is your FAQ.


Your life in your capitalist world will be one of beating your head against a wall until you eventually trip. You may get up and do it again and again, but at one point you will eventually accept your failure and quit fighting to make it to wealth. The FAQ about a capitalist world is that it is a game that everyone but a few “rule makers” lose. It is a great casino. The house owners always win.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The uneducated will tell you that arguments against pure capitalism are anti-American. Don’t believe it. America is a Democracy, not a capitalistic society. At times in our history we have been very socialistic. During wars we have been almost communistic in our unified efforts and willingness to sacrifice. When capitalism infringes on individual freedoms, it becomes anti-American. When capitalism gives equal rights to corporations as it does human beings, it becomes anti-American)

The best that you can hope for in this life is to find a place where you can actually own property without taxes, then live your life without the need to participate in the casino of capitalism.

Unfortunately, we cannot do that in America. We do not own property, we simply pay full price for it and then lease it (taxes) at about 2-3% of the value each year.

In China you pay one price for the property and then you own it for 70 years. One lifetime. No taxes, no fees….just the right to live there for 70 years. Not a bad plan. Maybe that is why those who run the game in America call China a communist state when even China calls itself socialist.

Itia (Abroad)

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