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Hong Kong : Prejudice Against Its Own

Hong Kong residents will tell you they are not Chinese. This is like New Yorker’s saying they are not American. Hong Kong is part of Mainland China, even though they call Chinese “mainlander’s”. Hong Kong has been handled with the utmost respect and support by the Chinese government since the end of the “England Lease of Hong Kong” that it seems illogical that Hong Kong people would be prejudice against their Chinese brothers……but they are!

The common Hong Kong resident does not understand the wealth that has been bestowed on them by the citizens of China. China tourists are the ONLY reason why the Hong Kong government currently has a balanced budget. Every day Hong kong residents are biting the hands that feed them when they treat their Chinese brothers poorly.

Retail sales surged 23 percent here through November of last year, mostly because nearly 100,000 mainland visitors a day come to Hong Kong. Most of them head straight for the stores.

Even the official representatives of Hong Kong tourism have shown their prejudice: “They don’t like the idea of having all these rich showing off how much money they have, and spending heaps of money on all these luxurious products,” said Paul Tse, the Hong Kong lawmaker who represents the tourism sector.

The Hong Kong tax laws are very simple. For an individual the standard rate of Salaries Tax is 15%. The normal rate of Profits Tax is 16.5% for corporations and 15% for unincorporated businesses. Much of these taxes are raised by the influx of tourism from the new wealthy Chinese who come to visit Hong Kong for shopping. But Hong Kong is not the only shopping mecca of the world. Other countries are moving to take away this windfall of revenue from Hong Kong.

Even America is getting into the game. President Barack Obama on Thursday ordered the streamlining of applications for foreign tourist visas to the United States, focused on increasingly affluent Chinese and Brazilian visitors, in an effort to boost tourism and create jobs. This is ironic because Hong Kong currency is tied closely with the USD. Now America sees that Hong Kong is pushing away the very people who are making Hong Kong stable in the middle of the American financial crisis, and America is quick to take the initiative to get that revenue from an unappreciative country.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong residents have assimilated the English “better than thou” attitude into their culture and forgotten that they have a 6000 year history with china that was weakened by just one century. Think of how East and West German re-united after the USSR occupation. The two welcomed each other with open arms. Now move to Hong Kong, with a British attitude and you get a completely different result.

Hong kong residents refer to Chinese as Dogs: Chinese shoppers called “Dogs” and forced to stay in jewelry store by Hong Kong tourist guide during recent shopping trip

Hong Kong citizens are even protesting Chinese by calling them “Locust” in full page advertisements : A group of Hong Kong residents have placed an advertisement in a popular tabloid calling people from mainland China ”locusts”. They accuse the very people who are individually responsible for Hong Kong’s balanced budget of “stealing public resources”!

“Why are mainland mothers flooding in to take up resources in public hospitals, getting our benefits and social welfare?” one of the organizers of the campaign told the South China Morning Post newspaper.

Taking up public resources???? That is a funny statement. According to the 2006 census,[1] 3.3 million people or 48.8 percent of the population of Hong Kong lived in rental or subsidized-sale public housing; within that group, 31 percent lived in public rental housing, 17.1 percent lived in Housing Authority subsidized-sale flats and 0.7 percent lived in Housing Society subsidized-sale flats

Here is the bottom line. Hong Kong IS China. Hong Kong is handling the “give back” of their region to their mother country incorrectly. Hong Kong has a limited amount of time to fix this prejudice before they are wholly assimilated back into the Chinese nation.

In accordance with the One Country, Two Systems principle agreed between the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China, the socialist system of People’s Republic of China would not be practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and Hong Kong’s previous capitalist system and its way of life would remain unchanged for a period of 50 years. That means in 2047, Hong Kong will not longer enjoy its “together, but separate” status with China.

Most importantly, Hong Kong needs to remember that Shenzhen is it’s next door neighbor. Shenzhen has more money, more people, more modern infrastructure, more industry, and is rapidly replacing Hong Kong as the “Jewel of Asia”. If Hong Kong keeps a blind eye to what is happening around them, they will soon lose their balanced budget, soon lose their easy lifestyle, and soon lose all the goodwill that their mother country has bestowed on them.

Itia (abroad)

  1. Micky
    May 31, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Thank you so much for explaining the problem about Hong Kong!!
    Please let me explain what happened to me and my wife yesterday: I am a Japanese who got married to a Chinese woman, and we were trying to go to Japan to hold a wedding ceremony tomorrow. Since it was quicker and cheaper to fly from Hong Kong, we decided to fly from there. Additionally, because she is pregnant, we obtained extra documents to get to an airplane.
    HOWEVER, the Hong Kong Immigration REJECTED her to get in to Hong Kong even I am with her to explain we just want to get into Hong Kong to fly to Japan!!! My wife had a visa to stay in Japan which took some time, and we made sure to bring all the supporting documents to fly, but the immigration officer simply said “… the locals are treated differently… the doctor’s letter is not sufficient enough to accept you to China”!! It was very shocking moment, and my wife could say nothing but to cry. Since I hold Japanese citizenship, I explained we are not interested in Hong Kong citizenship, but the inspector kept denying….

    I understand that some Chinese people cause troubles to Hong Kong, but they way Hong Kong treated my wife was simply heartless… I think some Hong Kong people have serious problems about “I am better than the Chinese locals” attitudes, but I think this is passing over the human rights. Hong Kong people should learn if they discriminate people like that, they cannot say anything if they will get discriminated when Hong Kong will be governed by China. So sad…

  2. Micky
    June 1, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    I want to add to my previous comment: after I left the Hong Kong immigration point, my wife told me the HK immigration officers conducted body check on her, and said something like “you must be trying to trick to have a baby in Hong Kong” with some nasty words. BTW, my wife bought a ticket from China to Japan, and there was no problem… Basically Hong Kong’s position is “WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CHINESE LOCAL PREGNANT WOMEN,” but they never actually said that. Because of this, we got humiliated and lost time/ money, and I feel some (of course, not all, but) Hong Kong people are very snobby and arrogant.

    This happened at HuangGang-Hong Kong check point on 2012 May 31st. I really would like to get some apologies from them. At the same time, if you have any idea how to make this information public, please give me your thoughts. Your support is highly appreciated…

  3. Magnus
    July 29, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    “Hong Kong has been handled with the utmost respect and support by the Chinese government”. No, they have not. Hong Kong on the other hand has treated China with utmost respect as they have not made any claims on deciding how mainlanders should live their lives. Or do you mean that the dictators in Beijing have the right to oppress people in HK just because they are already oppressing 1.3 billion people living within the borders called mainland China?

    • July 30, 2012 at 3:05 am

      I live in China. I visit Hong Kong frequently. I see the way Hong Kong people treat Chinese people. It is embarrassing. How Hong Kong people, after 6000 years of history can claim themselves apart from China is beyond logic. Yes, the one trait that Hong Kong people adopted from their English lords is the overblown self righteousness. Instead of reaching out to help your brothers and sisters, you call them “mainlanders” as if the one small river that separates Hong Kong from Shenzhen is a ocean….as if you are really a separate country. China is building a replacement for Hong Kong. Soon the dollars of the world will flow out of Hong Kong and into the new “mainland” Hong Kong. Hong Kong no longer has any financial advantages. There is no more safety in Hong Kong banking. HSBC has proven that this year. Money will fly from Hong Kong to the new banking center for the security and privacy it offers. Then humility will return to the Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is less than one generation away from abject poverty.

  4. Magnus
    August 1, 2012 at 3:15 am

    If Hongkongers were treating Mainlanders so badly, how come 28 million of them were visiting Hong Kong last year? The truth is that no other city in the world would be so tolerant towards 28 million of arguably the most disliked tourists in the world. How come millions of immigrants from the mainland have fled to HK and still do so? Is it because they are treated worse in HK than in China?
    If you don’t understand why Hongkongers don’t want to be a part of China I guess you have no understanding why South Koreans don’t want to embrace the leaders and lifestyle of North Korea. Or why Estonians or Georgians don’t want to be part of Russia, or why citizens in West Berlin didn’t want to be a part of DDR.
    Hong Kong is meeting more criterias to be a separate country from China than most European countries do relative their neighbours. Why do you have a problem with that? Hong Kongers don’t want to force China to be a part of Hong Kong, why does China want to make Hong Kong be a part of China?
    Wealth is a consequence of freedom and as long as Hong Kong is allowed to be the freest economy in the world it will continue to prosper. A deeply corrupt fascist Mainland China, run by a mafia clan who is not hesitating to use any form of violence to anyone interfering with their aim to sustain power and enrich themselves, has a lot more to worry about in the future. The implosion of China as we know it today is as inevitable as it has been for all authoritarian societies in history.

    • August 1, 2012 at 5:29 am

      China tourists go to Hong Kong for ONE REASON……Shopping. Once that is available across the border, they will no longer go to Hong Kong. That was the purpose of the article…..it was a prophecy that Hong Kong is facing tough times ahead because of its own arrogance.

      America and Europe have both opened their arms to the Chinese shoppers. Hong Kong continues to abuse them as if they will never run out of tourists who don’t know that Hong Kong doesn’t want their business.

      As for being “Arguably the most disliked tourists”, I think that American’s hold that honor.

      As for comparing China (socialist nation with communist leadership) to North Korea (communist nation with dictatorship) to Russia (an oligarchy), you are just plain wrong about saying they are at all equal.

      Thanks for your emotional comment though. I know Hong Kong people are very proud of their society. Your comment reflects that pride.

  5. Magnus
    August 1, 2012 at 10:33 am

    To me as an outsider it is not Hongkongers, but the mainlanders, who are committing themselves to contemptuous display of arrogance when completely ignoring local customs and traditions.
    The economy of Hong Kong was doing extremely well for decades, long before the introduction of the IVS in 2003 and would most likely have continued to do so for the last nine years even without it. I don’t get the impression that the purpose of your article was an honest concern of the well-being of the HK economy though.
    I didn’t say that China, North Korea and Russia are equal. I only ascertained that you are not capable of understanding the desire for independence from a perceived oppressor. By the way, do you really think that your labelling means anything? In reality they are just examples of territories where the people in charge of the monopoly of violence are facing less competition of power and less consequenes when initiating force to civilians than in most other places.
    I am not a Hongkonger and even if I was, I wouldn’t take any pride in that. Nations and states are products of coincidence and the place of birth a lottery. I was lucky to be born in one of the least unfree and wealthiest societies on the planet and I will always endorse any efforts to minimize the influence of power hungry psychopaths. Supporting the imperialistic mafia in Beijing is not one of those.

  6. Gary
    September 28, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Do you want to know why?

    When mainlanders come to Hong Kong, they tease the local for not saying Mandarine well.

    When the nature calls, mainlanders pee or shit right in front of the public.


    A so called Chinese Professor calling Hong Kongers “Dog” on TV, calling Singaporean have no quality.



    China makes all kind of poisonous food, hazardous stuff which even the mainlanders would not dare to buy. They come to Hong Kong and wiped out the necessity and yet, they claimed that they saved Hong Kong economy.

    3 mainlanders visited a local restuarant in Hong Kong. They ordered and paid $20 after the meal. The bill costed $59. They refused to pay the outstanding. Their reason was that the food did not taste up to their liking.


    Ok, some of the evidences above are in Chinese, but do I need to go on?

    • September 28, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      Thank you for the well documented examples. I remember seeing the news articles and commentary of the racists in America in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They all had a library of “incidents” that proved that black people were lesser humans. I appreciate the fact that you have documented the differences between the righteous, brilliant, proper Hong Kong People, and the crude, rude, and less than human China Mainlanders. Are you a member of any social organization similar to the Klu Klux Klan in the United States?

      The point I was making is that the only difference between a Hong Kong person and a Mainland China person is 100 years of UK rule. Other than that, the Chinese are your brothers and sisters. The way you talk about them is embarrassing. The common thread of the Hong Kong resident is to belittle the mainlanders. Instead of trying to improve their lives with understanding and compassion…..you choose to belittle and promote racism and prejudice.

      Just to show you the other side of the coin. I visit Hong Kong frequently. Every taxi driver that I speak Mandarin to demands that I speak English. REALLY? I see the store owners grumble and curse at the Chinese customer who is spending thousands of dollars. I see the police profile and harass the mainlanders. It is all classic racism and prejudice. All around the world we see this type of bad behavior by those who see themselves as “superior”. But only in Ruwanda, Hong Kong, and some small African countries do we see the racism against people so closely related and similar in appearance.

      Your “examples” show that Hong Kong is an intolerant and separatist culture that deserves disdain. Hong Kong residents are treating the mainlanders THE EXACT SAME WAY THAT THE ENGLISH TREATED HONG KONG RESIDENTS IN THE EARLY 1900’S. You should be embarrassed because your culture is committing the same crimes against the mainland Chinese as the English committed against you.


  7. Gary
    September 29, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Itia, before I go on, I need to get the fact straight with you. You were asking why HKers hate the mainlanders, I was trying to give you examples and reasons why they hated them. These are the news that happen everyday. I hope you can look at things from multiple perspectives and see the two sides of the coin. Being an Australian citizen, I consider myself a global citizen. I have been to different parts of the world and respected their cultures all along. I have many friends from China as well, Travelers should respect the local culture, thats the point I am trying to get and please, don’t judge me personally by calling me racist if you don’t know me at all.

    Its not that HKers discriminate the mainlanders or hate them for no reason. I don’t think HKers feel superior to the mainlanders. Fact is that some mainlanders set a bad example when they travel to other places. Not just HK, you can see news and articles on how they behaved when they go to Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and other places. Respect the local and their culture is all we ask.

    Another reason why HKers hate the mainlanders is the degrade of standard of living, environment, economy (i.e. inflation, property prices, currencies). The government is also proposing some ideas on how to merge HK with SZ. A controversial move is the launch of national education in HK, forcing kids to learn how great the communist party is and why US democracy is a total failure; kids need to cry or act like crying when they see the chinese flag waved and when they sing the national anthem. You might think the government is promoting patriotism, but HKers believe thats brain washing (forced to love communist) and not embrasing the world as an international city. If you don’t see that as a problem, then I can tell you now, this only creates more racist ppl. There are manly proposed ideas like this trying to change democracy to communist in Hong Kong. One country two system policy is dying, causing massive disagreement between the HK citizens and the China communist party. This is another fuel to the conflict issue.

    If you can read chinese, there is another bed time story for you. Things like this happen everyday and is real. To me, saying HKers feel superior to the mainlanders is just being ignorant.


  8. Gary
    September 29, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Here is the english version. just imagine what impact would this caused to HKers…btwm Hk is just a tiny little city….


  9. tommysheung@gmail.com
    December 29, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Hey. If some people from mainland dislike Hong Kong, why they just go back to China. Nobody force them to visit Hong Kong. If they visit, they should respect culture and life style of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is different from China because people have freedom of speech to criticize the government. People can ask the governor to step down or ask the senior official to resign from the position. Can these happen in China? In Hong Kong, you can browse any website from the Western media if you like. In China, there is an restriction on the internet. In 2013, people need to report their true identify in order to express their opinions in China. If their opinion are against the local government, the police will arrest them or make them disappear so fast. Do not always think that China gave benefits to Hong Kong. We are equal to each other. I love China but I totally dislike the communist party in China. Unless China implement democracy, HK people will never have a sense of belonging to China. If people dislike HK, please please do not have their kids born in Hong Kong. Hospital and education are only for true hong kong people. Thanks.

    • December 30, 2012 at 1:30 am

      hahahaha good one Tommy. That is just what all the racist American’s used to say about blacks….”Go back to Africa”. Thanks for helping me prove my point.

  10. tommysheung
    December 30, 2012 at 3:16 am

    Thanks for your great comment. I feel proud of being Hong Kong people. If you think my comment is racist, then it is your opinion. If you follow the culture norm of Hong Kong, we will welcome you. Do not apply standard of mainland China on Hong Kong. Remember Hong Kong is a special administrative region. Nobody ask China to rule Hong Kong. We are so happy in the British colony….If I am born in Singapore and Chinese, I also admit that I am people of Singapore and never admit that I belong to mainland China…… It is same thing to Hong Kong.

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