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Islam : The New Communism. Modern Slavery

If you think that the greatest threat of Islam is terrorism, then you have missed the elephant in the room. Islam’s greatest threat is slavery.

All religions pose a threat to humanity
, but Islam poses a specific threat that most Muslims will deny even exists, but it raises its ugly head every day. To the last one, all of the Islamic people I know in California will tell you the same B.S. story of the way Muhammad created an empire. The lies they tell are quite specific.

1) Muhammad went into each city and created religious freedom. They say that he told everyone about the true way to God and then let them choose for themselves.

2) Islam loves and accepts Christians and Christ. They only have a problem with the way Christians look at the Bible as the truth since Muslims believe that Christ never died on the cross , but rather went up into heaven and will return soon.

3) They say that he set down the “true and fair laws of god” as a way to rule the world in peace. That the laws of society in Islam are the best and most just laws possible.

4) Lastly, they tell you that there is no mistake in the Quran.

Their belief in the utter flawlessness of the Quran is the first hint that they rule with an iron fist. Even in Christianity, most scholars believe that the edits in the Bible are flawed and that some of the old testament beliefs and laws are archaic and primitive. But the Muslims don’t have this kind of open society. There is no debate. Islam is the most pure and cruel form of communism on the planet. All variation from the belief of the church state is punishable by death. While every other communistic society on our planet is moving towards socialism, Islam is trying to create a form of communism that has never existed before. Complete domination of every individual right and freedom by the few religious leaders who rule the country.

This was highlighted in the case of Hamza Kashgari. Hamza is accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad on Twitter. He is called a Saudi Arabian Journalist, which may make him sound like he is a professional at insults, but his twitter is so benign that it could be from any one of us.

It is a confession of a lapse in faith. I had the same feelings as a teenager. In his world of violence, slavery of women, laws of cruelty, and morons seeking ultimate power, it is easy to understand his statement, “I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you, and there is a lot I don’t understand about you. I will not pray for you.”

Once Hamza stated this he was considered an “apostate” and was sought by police as a criminal. In his country of Saudi Arabia (a close ally of the United States and the country that gave us 15 of the 19 hijackers of 911) he would be tried in a court of religious zealots and sentenced to death for this statement. So he fled to Malaysia. (Not the smartest thing to do to run from one ignorant country to an even more ignorant country). Malaysia has the same slavery based legal system as Saudi Arabia. They agree that to insult Mohammed is punishable by death…so they detained him and deported him to Saudi Arabia as a criminal.

So there you have it. Islam is a slave based culture. It is highly documented that Islam enslaves women. With this most recent and publicized case of Mr. Hamza Kashgari, it can now be established as fact that all of Islam is slavery. Any variation from acceptance as a slave to the rulers of Islam is punishable by death.

Oh, and BTW, the Quran allows slaves, slave women, slave concubines (sex slaves). How does that sit with a belief that the Quran is a book without any errors.

As for Mr. Hamza Kashgari, I am sorry that you were born in such an uncivilized country as Saudi Arabia. As for me, I agree. Muhammad is a fraud and I will not pray to him either! I guess I won’t be visiting an Islamic country any time soon. Not that I would want to anyway…they all seem to be the dirtiest and most poorly governed places on the planet.

Itia (Abroad)

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