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Republican : GOP : Conservatism : The forgotten definitions

What is the world is going on with Republicans? Who are these front runner candidates over the past two decades? What am I missing here?

Don’t you remember when it was easy to tell a “conservative” Republican from a “liberal” Democrat?

In the last century you could tell a liberal by the clothes they were wearing and the fact that they would be out picketing something or holding a protest. All the conservatives were busy leading their quietly desperate lives and would not be caught dead exposing their emotions like liberals…..after all THEY WERE CONSERVATIVE.

Who is Rick Santorum and why would anyone call him a conservative?

Have we gotten so stupid that as long as someone says “I hate abortion” and “God Hates Gays” we call them conservative? Is that definition of conservatism?

Lesson in the English language for all Republicans: Conservative means: disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

Republicans have done more to change the “status quo” in our nation that any other political force. The Changes Reagan and the two bumbling Bush’s made, like them or not, radically changed our country. There is nothing conservative about them.

Wikipedia notes : Conservatism in the United States : The meaning of “conservatism” in America has little in common with the way the word is used elsewhere. As Ribuffo (2011) notes, “what Americans now call conservatism much of the world calls liberalism or neoliberalism

See….the whole world sees the Republican Party as a fraud. A political party using catch phrases and fear of foreign cultures to gather support.

The FACT is that the closest thing to a conservative candidate in the current Republican nomination process is Ron Paul. All of his changes are intended to bring back the US of the 1950’s (economically), and to restore individual freedoms. That is about as conservative as possible for a Republican.

As for Mitt Romney, he and Rick Santorum share one characteristic….they are in this for the money. They will say anything to be elected, and then you will have another George W. Bush on your hands. Nobody wants that.

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