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Christian Science Monitor defending Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is one of the best documented bigots and sexists of our time. His radio show attracts the growing number of hate groups in America. Rush Limbaugh is a Republican mouthpiece that has the ongoing support of three of the top four candidates. Even when he directly attacks all the women in America, the Republican candidates stand behind him.

Now the Christian Science Monitor is standing behind him. They printed a piece that tries to paint Bill Maher with the same poison paint brush as Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh vs. Bill Maher is the headline. The purpose of the article is clear. The Christian Science Monitor is seeking to save Rush from losing his audience.

The truth is that Limbaugh has little chance of losing his audience. The growing number of Christians, Muslims, and Jews in our country who put a fairytale god before the good of our society has been increasing rapidly. We are facing the one-two punch of a corporatocracy soon to be followed by a cult based revival of a strict church state.

Rush knows he has little chance of disappearing from the radio landscape. He is sheltered by the low educated, superstitious masses in America. He is a god to those who say they are Christians.

The saddest part about the Christian Science article is that Bill Maher bases all his arguments on logical statements that can withstand the scientific method…..something that the Republicans refer to a heresy. His statements are based on the protection of women and the primitive nature of men that corrupts the world that women live. On the other hand, Rush simply wants to masturbate to the videos of women who demand publicly funded contraception. How do you compare the two? Simple. The Christian Science Monitor has become less about responsible journalism and more about supporting the rise of a church state in our country.

The Christian Science monitor is simply following the immoral lead of our Republican candidates who will not stand up against an blatant act of sexism and abuse of women, “simply because they are afraid to offend the radio host”.

Welcome to the new America. Spineless creatures who seek to impose a church state, enslave women, kill our freedoms, and start world wars with Muslim states. How can it get any worse than this????

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