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5 Positive Things about Rick Santorum’s Campaign

For those of us with logical minds, it seems quite illogical that we can find anything positive about Rick Santorum. He was a nobody that threw himself into the far right, hate-based Americans camp in order to save his campaign from continued anonymity. How can anything positive come from that?

Because we have a mindset that is free from superstitions and fear, let us use that advantage to find the good that is, or will come from the bigoted campaign of Rick Santorum.

#5 : The women of America are realizing that freedom is not an eternal gift. Once it is won, you must continue to fight those who would seek to take it away from you. The good news is that the women of America are seeing a threat to their personal freedoms from a candidate and not an elected president. This gives them time to organize and defeat the Santorum monster that is trying to destroy what they won in 1972 with the Equal Rights Amendment

#4 : The 2010 census did not ask one crucial question when it polled the American People. It did not identify how many insanely religious people were living in our country. Rick Santorum is running on such a radically separatist religious platform that only a specific segment of our country would ever consider voting for him. That is a person who believes that they are superior to other Americans. A person who does not accept equality of all Americans. A person who believes that they have the right to force their superstition on others once in elected office, and not to uphold the concept of “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union….” Once we add up the total number of votes Rick Santorum receives, we will know what percentage of our population is for a “church state” and not a “freedom state”.

#3 : The addition of Santorum completes the 2012 reunion of the “Three Stooges” Romney is Mo, always serious, but never right. Santorum is Larry, also tries to be serious, but the statements are so insane that he always gets a verbal beating from Romney. Then there is Gingrich. Yes he is Curly. Always good for a laugh. Moronic buffoon with an imaginary sense of greatness. Lastly there is the good neighbor who always suffers from the antics of the Three Stooges. In this case that is Ron Paul. Constantly sighing from the agony of just being around these three, Ron Paul is the level headed normal American. He would like to help the Three Stooges and the rest of the Republican Party about how to properly run the country, but it is useless….they are insane beyond repair.

#2 : Rick Santorum is a “Fence Clearer”. For the millions of Americans who are not happy with lack of productivity, and the failure to follow through on the campaign promises about Guantanamo Bay and the foreign wars, Rich Santorum has become Obama’s safety net. All those that climbed up on the fence over the past four years. All those who might have voted for the Republican Party out of frustration with the Obama Administration. They have all jumped back off the fence and landed squarely in the Obama camp. Logic will always favor the sound mind of Obama, over the insanity of Santorum.

#1 : At least six more months of quality humor from The Daily Show. We can depend on Santorum to generate the sick and twisted statements that Jon Stewart’s writing team uses to make some of the best political horror humor ever. The Daily Show would not have lasted all these years without the insanity of the Republican Party. Rick Santorum’s material between now and the August 27th GOP Convention will definitely earn Jon some more Emmy’s.

Yes Rick Santorum belongs in a sanatorium, but just know that there are not enough insane people to back him to even win the GOP nomination, so sit back and enjoy one of the last great bigots of modern times.

itia (Abroad)

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